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Rykar was the adopted homeworld of the shapeshifting Drakonus. It was located in the Kelltae sector of the Unknown Regions.


Rykar was a world of forest-filled mountains and cave-filled, red rock canyons. The flat land between was usually grassy, with moderate winds most days and nights and grasses which reached two-thirds of a meter in height. In addition to its native fauna, including Kayerth dragons, a species of non-sentient forest reptiles, Rykar was also home to a group of Ralltiir tigers after the Drakonus arrived.

Rivers were scattered over the terrain, and all flowed eventually to the seas. The planet had three major oceans and numerous small lakes.

Society and culture

The Drakonus inhabited Rykar almost exclusively, save for the alien agents of the Golden Empire who were assigned to the planet. Some built houses in the planet's cities, while others preferred the traditional practice of dwelling in caves. All Drakonus were expected to be warriors when needed.


Originally uninhabited by sentient beings, Rykar was a lush planet with a rich diversity of flora and fauna. The arrival of the Drakonus brought the first structures and cities to the planet's surface. The Drakonus cleared some land for their own use.

In 146 ABY, Shaydow Tynblade, the quasi-messianic leader of the Drakonus, made his way to the court of Rin Sakaros, Queen of the Golden Empire. He pledged his species and its adopted homeworld to Rin's service in return for her Empire's protection. Rin agreed, and Rykar was absorbed into the Empire, with the Centurion Noelle sent to the planet as its first Consul.

Some Drakonus were leery about involvement in the Empire or the presence of aliens on their new world, given the abuses they had suffered in the past. However, Shaydow's decision proved prescient during the Nightmare War, as Rykar was attacked by the Reawakened. During the Defense of Rykar, the Dark Jedi deployed their Vyrak Legions, but a combined force of Drakonus and Royal Army troops, led by Noelle, Shaydow, and Vem, repelled the invasion.

In the aftermath of the war, Gem Reytal supervised the construction of Rykar's first spaceport, intending Rykar to receive a boost to its economy as a trade hub. When Noelle left Rykar to become Procurator of the Kelltae sector in 152 ABY, she installed Gem as her successor.

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