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Ryana Chuchi was a female Pantoran Armored Jedi during the First Marka Ragnos War.


Jedi Order

Jedi training

At a young age, Ryana was discovered by the Jedi and taken in for training, she never met Commodore Jon Davis until she was eighteen.

First Marka Ragnos War

Pantoran Campaign

When she turned eighteen, Ryana was assigned to post as a decoy for the senator of Pantora; after a few months in disguise, the Sith launched an assault on Pantora. After being taken hostage, the Republic sent an assault force to distract the Sith to extract the hostages on the surface. After Ryana was brought to another system for recovery from the battle, Commodore introduced himself to her for the first time, and she got to see his face for the first time, eventually falling in love with him.

Personality and traits

Ryana adored the use of stealth on missions and assignments, which was one of the reasons she was sent to be a decoy of the senator of Pantora of the time, who also was female.

Behind the scenes

Ryana is possibly a descendant of Clone Wars Senator Riyo Chuchi.

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