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Born from the ashes of the old Jedi Order in the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Endor, this new Jedi Order was founded by Jedi Knight and Purge Survivor Ruto Adari in 4 ABY. Having heard that famed Rebel leader and self-proclaimed Jedi Master Luke Skywalker had set out to rebuild the Jedi, Adari, who held a deep distrust for not just Luke but the entire Skywalker clan, predicted his attempts would fail and went about forming his own order. Unlike Skywalker's Jedi, Adari's would not be bound to a single, static location, instead it was based on the Lamenter, a CR90 corvette Ruto and several other Jedi had liberated from an Imperial storage facility during the Galactic Civil War as a base for their own private insurrection against the Empire.

Another difference between the two sects is that due to Skywalker's fame and notoriety, his order was well known to the New Republic and the galaxy as a whole, whereas Ruto and his companions were practically unknown to anyone outside of their own ring and those that witnessed them, of which the number was relatively few. This afforded Adari's order the advantage of secrecy, which would save the Jedi from once again facing near extinction. Sometime after 28 ABY, Luke Skywalker's Jedi Order was attacked and destroyed by Skywalker's own nephew, Ben Solo, and the Knights of Ren and Skywalker himself went into exile.

Despite the destruction of Luke's Order, Ruto's Order remained undetected despite continuing operations until 29 ABY, when the Jedi Knight Ronnoc Sivad attracted the attention of the First Order and the Knights of Ren, who wished to uncover and destroy this second group of Jedi. In response to this, Ruto cancelled all operations being carried out by the Order save for recruitment, effectively isolating them from the galaxy. Despite this, several Jedi would go on to fight within the Resistance in order to more openly combat the First Order, though they had to keep their identities as Jedi a secret to avoid drawing unwanted attention to themselves and Ruto's Order.



After reforming Myar Tesc's resistance movement into his new order, Ruto and a small team of Jedi broke into the Imperial Naval Storage facility in orbit above Timuslore and stole the CR90 corvette CR90-2948839, renaming it the Lamenter and converting it into a mobile Jedi Temple of sorts, believing it safer for the fledgling order to remain on the move instead of bound to a single, static location. In addition to this, Ruto also converted his private YT-1300fp light freighter, the Light in the Dark into a support ship, bringing supplies and recruits to the Lamenter.

Over the next decade, as the Order grew, it acquired several more CR90 corvettes, converting them in much the same way as the Lamenter. In order to reduce the number of individuals who were aware of the order's existence, the ships were, for the most part, automated, with droids of various models handling maintainance and system controls. The only organic crewmembers were the organic security guards, mostly veterans of the Galactic Civil War whom had found themselves unemployed following the signing of the Galactic Concordance. Each ship also had an organic captain, that being the head Jedi Master aboard, who decided where the ship would travel to and how long it would stay there.

As the order grew and more Jedi began venturing out into the wider galaxy, the need for personal transport rapidly became apparent. While fighters like the Z-95 Headhunter and T-65 X-Wing were near perfect for these new Jedi, they did not allow for extended operations. Taking inspirations from the Jedi of the Old Republic, Ruto sought to equip his Jedi with a reliable transport craft that could serve as a mobile base, eventually settling on the small Gozanti-class, a extremely numerous class of ship that was both cheap to purchase and maintain and saw extensive service as an auxiliary vessel in the Galactic Empire. As most Imperial surplus stations and system forces had dozens of these vessels, they were exceedingly easy for Ruto's order to acquire in relatively large numbers. These Gozantis were modified to carry a single fighter craft to allow the Jedi to more adequately engage enemy craft.

Ship Name Class Captain(s)
Lamenter CR90 corvette
  • Ruto Adari (4 ABY - 15 ABY)
  • Brutus Rollan (15 ABY -)
Holy Diver CR90 corvette
  • Keylara Emala (6 ABY -)
Sound of Thunder Pelta-class frigate
  • Miranna Rokanh (6 ABY -)
Blind Guardian Vigil-class corvette
  • Throt Crasytt (7 ABY -)
Sabaton Arquitens-class light cruiser
  • Tethoff Kalgai (5 ABY - 9 ABY)
  • Kala Gremlar (9 ABY -)
Celestial Lion Arquitens-class light cruiser
  • Vucora Dornelles (8 ABY -)
Catharsis Arquitens-class light cruiser
  • Khorde Nivix (7 ABY -)


Notable Members

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