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The best of the best.
—Confederate Chief of State

The Royal Procession was a unit of bodyguards of the Chief of State in the Confederation of Free Planets. It was made up of non-clone humans who were picked out from the best Confederate Storm Commandos. They used the Force to create fire, and used it to blast their opponents. They sometimes used blasters.

Deployment History

Basically, they're the best Sith, Jedi, bounty hunters, assassins, and spies put together.
—Emperor of the New Galactic Empire

The Royal Procession saw a lot of action for a bodyguard unit. They were formed around 7 ABY. They were formed because the Chief of State thought the Jedi wanted to kill him, and he needed a stronger bodyguard unit. The Royal Procession's members were selected from the Confederate Royal Guard, a previous bodyguard unit, and the best Storm Commandos. They were mostly Force users. Several Jedi, before Order 66 and the Purge, taught the Royal Procession members how to create fire using the Force. The mostly use fire than the regular Force and blasters.


Two Royal Procession members on Boz Pity with Admiral Zhao.

The Procession first saw action on Coruscant during the Fourth Jedi Purge. Later on, several of them were present aboard the Battlemoon over Endor. It is presumed they were killed when the station was destroyed. At least fifty of them were seen at Kamino, fighting alongside clone troopers against the Jedi Holdouts. They took no known casualties.

The Procession was used in the fight against the Remnant to Restore the Republic and seen a lot of action. Shockingly, they took no casualties except for only two soldiers in the whole war, despite being in most of the battles that happened during the war. They earned the title, the deadliest warriors in the galaxy. They were later seen aboard the Chief of State's personal airship.

The Chief of State also used them in day to day activities on Coruscant and other planets. Eventually, he built palaces and mansions on other planets, such as Corellia, Anaxes, and Bastion. As a result, the Royal Procession became a common sight on different planets. They later were part of the New Galactic Empire.

The Royal Procession soldiers sometimes used Lightsaber Pikes, and often worked with the Emperor's Shadow Guards.

During the Cartel Crisis, after the Malfoy Cartel took Coruscant and half of the Imperial military betrayed the Empire and joined the Cartel, most of the Procession stayed loyal. During the Defense of Bastion, Advanced Recon Commando Captain CC-2009 took a squadron of twenty Procession members with him to defend the Emperor while he made his way down into the defense bunker.

Afterward, the Royal Procession was transferred from their post on Bastion and was sent to fight on different battlefronts against the Cartel, and were later part of the Fourth Yuuzhan Vong Invasion.

The Royal Procession was used by the Empire against the Sadow Empire in 60 ABY.

Notable Royal Procession Members

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