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In the Golden Empire, the Royal Mint (capitalized) or Central Mint was the agency with the authority to manufacture and introduce into circulation the Empire's currency, the Royal Credit. With a lower-case "m", a Royal mint or "production mint" also referred to a specific location that produced Royal credits.

The agency

The Central Mint was headquartered on Vall`to, site of the Vall`to Sector Bank, which backed the Royal credit. The Mint licensed and regulated all the mints authorized to produce Royal credits, prescribing exact production standards and quotas to be met by each subsidiary mint.


Royal mints operated under heavy guard of the Royal Army, being one of only two civilian agencies to be so guarded (the other was the Royal Observatory). Each was responsible for quality assurance of its product, testing for both digital functionality and correct metal content. Royal mints existed on the following worlds:

The Kasci homeworld of Iomis, whose surface was over seventy percent mineral deposits, developed a quasi-monopoly on supplying the government with the metals necessary to forge Royal credits.

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