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Royal Executor was a position in the government Golden Empire. Appointed at the sole discretion of the Sovereign, a Royal Executor carried most of the Sovereign's day-to-day authority, including the military authority to create Legates and assemble task forces, as well as trying cases and sentencing normal citizens to death. However, the position ordinarily lacked some of the Sovereign's governing powers, including:

  • Enacting or amending laws binding on the entire Empire
  • Sentencing a citizen to Kasshralhyot
  • Punishing Consuls or Procurators, though an Executor could relieve them of duty temporarily
  • Passing any sentence other than temporary incarceration on a member of the Order of Keltrayu

Queen Rin Sakaros created the position of Royal Executor to take some of the burden of direct command off her own shoulders when the Golden Empire numbered in the hundreds of systems. Her brother, Tariun Sakaros, became the first Executor.

Under a Royal edict of 119 ABY, if the Sovereign became incapacitated or departed the Empire's territory and there was no Phoenix Prince, the most senior Royal Executor would rule the Empire as Regent until the Sovereign returned to duty.

Royal Executors were allowed to use a modified version of the Royal Emblem (gold on black) as personal standards.

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