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Legacy era

Igne natura renovator integra (Through fire all of nature is renewed).
—Rosenkreuz Orden’s motto

By the year 130 ABY the Rosenkreuz Orden was the chief opponent of the new Sith Order that had risen up in place of Darth Bane’s order. It’s known that the one known as the Contra Mundi seized control of the organization sometime around 125 ABY. This cult’s followers were religious extremists that believed that a judgment day was coming and that it was their task to advance the process more quickly.


Cain’s Rise to Power

Cain Knightlord, the man who would later become the Contra Mundi, founded, or rather remodeled the Order of Rosenkreuz into the fascist terrorist organization that it was. He, like many others before him, knew that the Galaxy needed a firm hand to repair the devastation wrought upon it by the Yuuzhan Vong War. However, he believed the only true way to do that was to wipe away the old completely and start anew. Equipped with the knowledge of the mystical power known as magick, which he received from the library of the desolate world named for its sole structure, the castle Hollow Bastion, he took over and reestablished the cult under his leadership and pledged to recreate the Galaxy according to his own design.

For over a century, the Contra Mundi grew and strengthened the Rosenkreuz on Hollow Bastion, surreptitiously planning to bring its vision of order to the Galaxy. Through the use of magick, Cain was able to prolong his life and youthful appearance almost indefinitely. However, the magicks were not without their side effects. Cain was human, as such he had long since surpassed his intended lifespan and though he maintained a young appearance his body still aged as though he wore hundreds of years old. Also, as his knowledge of magick increased and his powers became greater his frail body began to succumb to the sheer amount of power flowing through his veins. However, with the aid of his most trusted lieutenant, Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer, he was able to craft an entirely new body in which to contain his vast power.

The Ascension Wars

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Everything is falling into place.
Contra Mundi

Finally, in the period of 130134 ABY, the Rosenkreuz had made their presence known openly under Cain’s leadership. Forging an alliance with the newly formed Eriaduan Empire, their machinations were critical in the execution of the Ascension Wars.

Cain took advantage of the fact that a lot of the member worlds of the new Galactic Empire, especially those in the Outer Rim Territories, were less than pleased with the prospect of Sith-ruled Galaxy. With a little coercion from his people, and the exceptional oratory skills possessed by Eriaduan Emperor Antonio de Borgia, he was able to rally many worlds under their banner.

They’re all merely pawns awaiting your command, my lord.
Isaak Fernand von Kämpfer

With the fragile state of the new Galactic Empire after the Sith’s coup, Emperor Borgia could declare war and defeat the Imperials with little effort and he would have support from many who refused to be ruled by the Sith again.

It took four years, but eventually Borgia’s Empire had grown to encompass the greater portion of the Outer Rim Territories. Eventually Darth Krayt had little choice but to declare the Eriaduan Empire a sovereign state and stand down his forces or risk losing everything he had worked so hard to build. This was the first step in the game that was Cain’s plan for galactic domination.

Seizing Power

Now that the Eriaduan Empire was triumphant in their pursuit of sovereignty, it was time to remove the last obstacle to the Rosenkreuz; their enemies, the Sith. Cain secretly dispatched his agent, Dietrich von Lohengrin, on a devastating attack against the Sith Homeworld of Korriban.

The Battle of Korriban did not prove to be as absolute a victory as he had hoped for. Though, Dietrich managed to make several significant kills, especially one of the most prominent members of the new Sith Order, Darth Nihl, his counterpart in the Sith Order. But the death of even a good number of Sith did not make for victory. Casualties and losses were far too high for Cain’s liking, their victory was hollow. The Sith had managed to live up to their reputations and were not taken down easily.

The time was now right, Cain was going to seize control of the Eriaduan Empire, and with control of the Outer Rim he would have had the Sith-Imperials completely boxed in. The Rosenkreuz soldiers, lead by Dietrich, marched on the palace in Eriadu City. Forcibly seizing control, they either killed or incarcerated all resisting guard forces. However, once again Dietrich gained the Rosenkreuz only a partial victory in the fact that Emperor Borgia, with the aid of his loyal Eriaduan Executors, was able to escape execution. Cain, now known as the Contra Mundi, took his place upon the Eriaduan throne. The Judges present, having sworn an oath of loyalty to the office of the Emperor, and with Borgia gone, had no choice but to swear allegiance to the Contra Mundi and the Rosenkreuz Orden.

Ranks of the Rosenkreuz Orden

The Rosenkreuz Orden is a highly organized militaristic group. They possessed their own system of ranks. The ranks were divided into several subsections or "Orders" the first being: the Order of the Rulers, the second: the Order of the Magi, the third being the Order of the Rose-Cross, and the fourth and final being: the Order of the Golden Dawn. Then there is a lesser order known as those without all orders, these are the new recruits that have yet to learn the basics of the organization.

Each of the members of the Rosenkreuz, upon reaching the first rank of the Order of the Golden Dawn, Neophyte, are granted their own magick abilities. As Neophytes their skill in use of their powers is somewhat lax but as they progress in rank so too shall their skill (i.e. the highest ranking member, the Ipsissimus, would be the most powerful magick user in the galaxy as there is only one at any time). Each member is also given a code name that coincides with their powers upon receiving them.


Upper Echelons

Lower Echelons

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