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A band of pilots led by a broken woman and an android with the desires to avenge a fallen partner.
—An unknown individual[src]

Rose Squadron[1], sometimes simply just as "Roses",[1] was a starfigher squadron of the Rebellion and Imperial Alliance, and turned into an Alliance remnant faction by 4 ABY after the assassination of Ruby Tachibana, the leader.[1]


Rebel Alliance

Forming after the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY, Ruby and her right hand woman had brought together a group of pilots and began to fly for the Alliance as Rose Squadron.[1] This squadron fought in many battles during the Galactic Civil War, losing and replacing several members.[1]

After the Battle of Endor, the Alliance fragmented alongside the Empire and soon later in 4 ABY, the leader was assassinated when the Imperial and Alliance remnants were reorganized into the Galactic Eclipse Empire.[1]

Independent faction

After the death of their leader, Rose Squadron then disappeared and remain fiercely loyal to its new leader.[1] After this reorganization, the squadron turned into a faction and started to use Y-wings and A-wings alongside their X-wings.[1] Weiss Jenkins, previously second-in-command, took control of Ruby's modified X-wing and made it her own personal starfighter.[1] Along with the additions of Y-wings and A-wings, the faction recruited more former Alliance pilots into their ranks, claiming several Quasar Fire-class carriers and Ton-Falk-class escort carriers to carry their starfighters when docked.[1]

The faction later fought against the New Empire in the war against both the Imperial and Alliance remnants, holding a fragile but reliable truce with the Jedi Order of Skywalker.[1]


Although former Alliance pilots served in Rose Squadron, the faction's pilots were predominantly reprogrammed PENNY and NEO series droids stolen and recovered from old Nakamura Industries warehouses.[1]


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