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Roreod (pronounced /ɹɔəreɪoʊd/) was a Mhingxin Jedi during the Clone Wars.

Roreod was Knighted nineteen years prior to the Great Jedi Purge. Upon becoming a Knight, he chose young Shahmzar Aonda-Alci as his Padawan. After eleven years of missions together, Shahmzar was Knighted in 27 BBY. He, in turn, took an apprentice by the name of Ac'churo Valnuon

Five years after that, the Clone Wars started. Roreod was absent during the Battle of Geonosis, but he was soon made the Jedi General of the 455th Legion. Early during the war, he fought and his legion fought apart from Shahmzar, who lead the 31st Legion. However, late in the war, Ac'churo was killed. Roreod requested for the 455th and the 31st Legions to cooperate, so he could be with his former apprentice.

His request was granted, and General Roreod fought alongside Shahmzar for the remainder of the war. The two Jedi were on a remote outpost on the recently-conquered planet of Engiblok V when Order 66 was executed. Commander Bryse of the 31st Legion ordered his troopers to kill both Jedi, but to focus fire on the more experienced Roreod first. The rodent Jedi Master was quickly gunned down, but his apprentice managed to escape.

Behind the scenesEdit

To reflect Roreod's rodent qualities, his name is an anagram of roedor. "Roedor" means "rodent" in Spanish, and is the name of one of the author's Shadowbane characters, a wererat.

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