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Roganda Ismaren was a Human female native to Alderaan. She was the wife of Sarvec Quest and the mother of Irek Ismaren.


Turning to the Dark Side

Surviving the Great Jedi Purge, Roganda and her older brother Lagan Ismaren were hidden in Plett's Well on Belsavis along with numerous other Children of the Jedi, but shortly thereafter were forced to flee the planet with Master Plett. Roganda was scared, but Lagan promised that he will never leave her. The siblings were captured by Inquisitor Ameesa Darys, who slew Lagan with her lightsaber and corrupted Roganda to the dark side. Roganda served as one of Amessa's dark apprentices, and became a loyal member of the Galactic Empire and one of the Emperor's Hand.

Roganda spent a few years in training with her master, and they were assigned on a task to hunt down Corwin, a surviving Jedi from the Great Jedi Purge. She split with her master, and sensed that Amessa found the Jedi. Roganda rushed in, but she couldn't get through the crowd. This was when she found her master who eventually redeemed herself to the light. Roganda felt it and was angry that her master betrayed her. Amessa apologized for killing Lagan and making her a monster. Roganda didn't forgive her, and engaged her in a duel. Roganda was easily defeated, and thrown off the edge of the platform.

Roganda survived the fall, but she was badly hurt and she couldn't move. This was when she was found by Sarvec Quest, a dark jedi who is a member of the Emporer's Hand. Sarvec ordered a few troops to carry her to his home, and heal her. When Roganda woke up, Sarvec told her that Amessa was weak and she was already killed.


Spending a few years in Corusant, Roganda served as Sarvec's dark apprentice. On 2 BBY, Roganda gave birth to a son and named him Irek Ismaren. She spent seven years with her son when he was growing up while Sarvec was reviving the Empire. Around 12 ABY, Roganda kidnapped Leia Organa Solo and attempted to make her son the new Emperor with support from the wealthy lords of the Senex and Juvex sectors. Leia fought against her in a duel, and Roganda proved herself victorious. Leia was this close to turn to the dark side until she force pushed Roganda to the ground. Roganda taunted her to kill her, but Leia finally let go of her hatred and anger. Leia told her that the dark side can never take a person who she loves. Before Roganda got up, she sees the spirits of Lagan Ismaren and Amessa Darys. Roganda finally remembered that Lagan promised that he will never leave her and that he truly loves her as a brother. Tears ran down her eyes, and she redeemed herself. Roganda told Leia that she had a son and wishes to bring him back to the light before the dark side could consume him more. Leia gave her word, and Roganda fled.


During the Yuuzhon Vong War, Roganda remained in Corusant when she was able to confront her son. Roganda tried to help him, but Irek released his rage and fought her mother in a duel. Roganda was no match against her son and she was eventually defeated. After the duel ended, Irek killed his own mother, chopping her into eight pieces. Her body was later discovered by Luke Skywalker and his infiltration team. Celebrating the funeral, Leia honored Roganda as a hero, knowing that she didn't serve the New Jedi Order.

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