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River is a standalone fan-created short story based in the Star Wars universe written by a Star Wars Fanon Wiki user under the pen name "MPK" in October 2009. It was created as a writing experiment, utilizing a third-person universal omniscient perspective, no named characters, and a plot that he considered relatively simple compared to his other ideas.


Sometime during the Jedi Civil War, the crash-landing of an unidentified starship is witnessed by a group of surveyors on an unnamed desert planet. Rushing to the site, they witness a single lone survivor stumble out of the wreckage, who promptly collapses. The surveyors take the man back to the small town where they originated from, an isolated settlement sporting a population no larger than a few hundred. After the comatose survivor is placed in a hospital, a number of citizens visit to ask about the man, but are given little information.

Eventually, the hospital is visited by the town's governor, accompanied by several advisors, and they have a discussion concerning the survivor with the medical facility's administrator and the leader of the surveying team. It is soon revealed that the survivor from the ship is a Jedi; the surveyors had previously revisited the crash site, where they found his lightsaber. A tense argument ensues about what to do with the Jedi. The governor's advisors fear that the Jedi represents a threat to the village; if the threat is not directly originating from him, then it is from whoever was following him, for the starship evidently was shot down. Despite the insistence by one of the advisors that the Jedi's presence is too dangerous for them to leave him alive, the governor overrules him and declares that although they will keep the man's identity as a Jedi a secret, they will leave him in the hospital's care for the time being.

The rest of the story concerns what befalls the town as the one who was after the Jedi arrives in search of his prey, and the outcome of the final confrontation that begins after the Jedi awakens from his coma.


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