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The Rise of the Sith Infinite Empire series was an AU fanfiction series that replaces much of Star Wars: A New Hope and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, it centers around the politics within the Galactic Empire and the mass destruction of the Rebel Alliance as Darth Valens replaces Darth Vader on the field, Darth Valens meanwhile sought a powerful Apprentice and also a means to cure the Lung condition that he had unfortunately come upon.


Star Wars: Rise of the Sith Infinite Empire
'''War''' has flooded across the Galaxy as the '''Rebel Alliance''' fights bravely to battle the evil Galactic Empire and the Sith that stands at the Empire's Head, the brave '''Princess Leia''' has escaped with the Plans for the Imperial '''Death Star''', a Space Station wielding the firepower of a deadly Superlaser capable of destroying entire worlds. 

With the Imperial Supreme Commander, '''Darth Vader''', in the custody of the '''Rebel Alliance''' since the '''Battle of Kamino'''. '''Emperor Palpatine''' has seen no choice but to request the return of his son, '''Darth Valens''', to lead in Vader's place. Valens takes control of the Imperial Military, being granted the position of Supreme Commander of the Imperial Military, Valens launches a number of successful campaigns against the fledgling Rebellion.

As the Blockade Runner, the '''Tantive IV''', arrives in the '''Tatooine system''' it finds itself caught within a well planned Imperial trap. '''Darth Valens''' would do anything to regain the plans and please his father, or is this a ploy, hiding the true goals of one Sith from the rest of the Galaxy.


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