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Ris'danon was a planet in the Mid Rim. It was a mountainous world, so its population is small for its size. Ris'danon was famous for its cantinas such as the Ris'hihor Cantina. Their drinks were considered very good. For a long time, Ris'danon was simply an unimportant world known for its good drinks. Then in 63 BBY Ris'danon became much more important than it was ever meant to be in the form of a series of battles. It all started with the First Battle of Ris'danon when the White Star Pirates picked the unimporatnt world as their first victim. After that, the world erupted into chaos. The planet was taken over by Darth Subeth and his Sith army. A series of battles followed and it wasn't for awhile that the Republic was able to drive Darth Subeth off the planet. Eventually the Republic won the war and the Sith was once again banished from the galaxy.


Dak Jesser: True Enemy

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