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Killing is what I do best.

Rinzler was a Human male Imperial Inquisitor in the New Galactic Empire. He was the Emperor's right hand man and was a skilled fighter.


Early Life

Rinzler was born at an unknown date during the times of the Galactic Empire. He was born to a poor family on a large spaceport world called Clak'dor V. The planet was under heavy watch of the Empire because a stormtrooper patrol once found a small Rebel command post. Rinzler worked at a small cantina. When an Imperial Intelligence colonel came to the cantina after a patrol, he noticed a group of smugglers ganging up and attacking a pilot. He then saw Rinzler step in and take out the smugglers in a matter of seconds. Impressed with his skill, the colonel took him to the Inquisition Academy on Anaxes.

There, he was trained to be an Executive Inquisitor, which were an elite spy and assassin unit in the Galactic Empire's Inquisitors. Rinzler was highly trained and succeeded in many missions, and became a highly respected officer in the Imperial ranks. He also went on missions against the Rebels, and was feared by them.

Imperial Service

After joining the Inquisitors, he got an advanced prototype armor suit, along with two experimental Force discs and an advanced speeder bike. Rinzler was soon one of the most elite Imperial assassins out there. He was then assigned to a highly important mission to Nar Shaddaa.

Nar Shaddaa

Several bounty hunters obtained a special crystal that could power a laser which could destroy entire systems in one shot, and it didn't need to recharge. The best weapon in the galaxy. Palpatine suspected a Jedi was the one who got the crystal to the bounty hunters, and made the primary objective to kill the Jedi. Imperial commandos were going to get the crystal.

Rinzler was informed that the Steel Legion were the ones who obtained the crystal. He heard of them before. They were one of the best criminal organizations in the galaxy, even better than the Black Sun. He has been on one mission to a Steel Legion planet before, and barely made it out alive. Rinzler was sent in and was dropped off near the Steel Legion's base. On his previous mission to the Steel Legion, Unit 8311 had been in charge of the Legion, but now, Rinzler heard someone else was in command. That made things easier.

He used his speeder bike to get to the base. At the gate, he saw several Imperial commandos fighting with the guards, backed up by an AT-AT. While they were fighting, he got over the fence and across the courtyard and made it inside. After taking out a squad of Mandalorian guards, he made to the crystal room. Taking the crystal, he ran and on the way out he ran into the Jedi. He brutally killed the Jedi with ease, and left.

New Galactic Empire

He continued to serve as an Inquisitor in the New Galactic Empire in 9 ABY. Rinzler was sent on many missions, and grew a dislike to clone marshal commander CC-2009. Rinzler got his own squadron of Imperial commandos to command, called Incinerator Squad.

Later, he was sent by the Emperor with a squad of ARF troopers to Dathomir to kill as much Nightsister clans as possible. After slaughtering many of them, he returned to Coruscant.

Behind the Scenes

The author of this article based Rinzler on a real character from a movie called Tron: Legacy.

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