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Let it be so. If even the Dark Side gazes back, the accursed Sith are no masters over it, no matter how hard they try to assert that. And they shall not become masters to me, no: they are now my enemies more than ever, because now I truly hate them.
—The woman herself[src]

Rina Ascura was a Corellian-born Jedi Shadow who lived during the last years of the Old Republic, the entire Imperial period and survived on Iego well into the Legacy era. The last Shadowmaster of the Order, she was severely traumatized by her failure to prevent Palpatine's takeover, which led her to the Dark Side of the Force. During the early Imperial period, Rina Ascura, now a self-styled "Marshal" and leader of a ramshackle government claiming succession to the Confederacy of Independent Systems, was fighting a guerrilla war agaisnt the Empire. After a crushing defeat, she escaped and vanished in the underworld, only to resurface not long before the Yuuzhan Vong invasion. After this, Rina Ascura lived on Iego in seclusion.


Rina Ascura was one of those Jedi who started training in a relatively late age. Her line of Corellian Jedi, the Ascuras, were haunted by the Dark Side and general misfortune for generations, earning the moniker of "Accursed Jedi", and her grandfather, Lev Ascura Sr., wanted Force-sensitivity to be gone from the family. The reason for that was an unique talent belonging to Ascuras: they were perfectly capable to see in the Force clearly through any obfuscations and distractions formed by the Dark Side, but the downside was that everything Dark attracted them like a magnet.

His desire was starting to be fulfilled, with Lev Ascura Jr., Rina's father, being almost not Force-sensitive, but Rina was born fully sensitive herself. Lev Ascura Sr. tried to hide the fact from the Order, but the Jedi known as the Dark Woman, An'ya Kuro, found out, and convinced Lev to release Rina and let her be trained as a Jedi. The Dark Woman specialized on training problematic apprentices and wanted to take Rina as her Padawan after Aurra Sing's training was complete, however Aurra proved to be a disaster, and the Dark Woman resigned as a pedagogue altogether.

The Council of First Knowledge decided to make Rina an apprentice to Belg Kiybo, a Jedi Shadow. Rina's talent could be useful to a Shadow, and Shadow training would let her control it and stay clear of the Dark Side.

Jedi Shadow

As a Jedi Shadow Padawan, Rina Ascura became an apprentice to Belg Kiybo, an investigator tasked with researching the facts about the resurgent Sith menace. The Shadowmaster of the time, the Twi'lek Ano Werdo, was sure that the menace exists, and, upon learning the name of the Sith Master, Darth Plagueis, started the "Quarantine Case" dedicated to investigating his identity. Werdo had already learned the truth about both Plagueis and Sidious' true identities during the Invasion of Naboo, when he was assassinated by Sidious' agents, his records destroyed. Kiybo was appointed the new Shadowmaster, and Ascura became the leading investigator on the Quarantine Case. To prevent unmasking, Palpatine devised an intrigue to both murder Kiybo and frame Ascura as guilty by incompetence and inability to prevent it, at the same time promoting another Shadow, the truly incompetent and gullible Bodo Pius, to the position of Shadowmaster. The intrigue was resolved a day before the start of the Clone Wars; Ascura was reassigned to the usual place where Shadow careers are sent to die: she went to the Citadel on Lola Sayu as its new commandant.

Later Ascura became the commander of GAR Field Military Police. This unit of the clone army was notable for that it housed a number of defective clone troopers: those clones who displayed the tendencies for violent, sociopathic and sadistic behavior were assigned as MPs, not line infantry. The Jedi Shadows were appointed officers of this force. This was Palpatine's plan to get the Shadows off Coruscant and paralyze their investigations.

In 19 BBY Bodo Pius, the Shadowmaster, was kidnapped by unknown assailants, and Ascura was summoned to Coruscant by the Council of First Knowledge to assume the duties of the Shadowmaster. Ascura found out that Palpatine was behind the kidnapping, and the fact that he was Darth Sidious, roughly at the same time when Palpatine revealed himself to Anakin.

Ascura tried, but failed, to prevent Mace Windu from performing an illegal arrest of Palpatine. During Order 66, her clone captain, Zeta, attacked her and wounded her in the throat, damaging her vocal cords. Since then and until the New Jedi Order era, Ascura needed an implanted vocoder to speak coherently; without the vocoder, she could only speak in grunts and gargles that only the best protocol droids were able to translate to Basic. Later, when interrogating and sentencing captured Imperials, she preferred to turn off the vocoder, speak in incomprehensish and have her droid, Roger, translate for her, for intimidating effect.

Ascura successfully escaped Zeta and his clones and reunited with her former Padawan, the Twi'lek Deel Aroona, and some other Shadows and Sentinels such as Maw. They hid in a secret apartment hidden in the city blocks of Coruscant, where Rina received medical aid and the vocoder was implanted into her neck.

During the next several months, Ascura was busy complying to Yoda's last order, namely finding and rescuing all survivors of Order 66 she could find. Using her special talent, she scoured worlds and systems with psychometry, observing all victims of Order 66, and this made her crack, lose her sanity and start leaning towards the Dark Side. Finally, Rina assembled the Conclave of Dxun, already unstable and screaming for revenge; many younger Jedi rescued by her were infected by her revanchist speeches and followed her into her newly created Ascurite Order, swearing an oath to hate all Sith.

Confederate Remnant leader

After breaking all ties with the Jedi Order, the Ascurites found allies among the Separatist holdouts. In 17 BBY, a new government, called the Directorate of Independent Systems, was proclaimed by them, with Ascura as head of state, with the goal of continuing the Clone Wars until the Sith are destroyed. The DIS continued fighting a rebellion against the Empire until it was crushed in 11 BBY at the Battle of Orb Radiant.



As a Jedi Sentinel, Rina Ascura wielded a yellow lightsaber. Her one was a long hand-and-a-half lightsaber, with a hilt just short of that of a lightclub. The overall length of the saber was more than one and a half meters. Such weapons were optimal for Trakata, a form of lightsaber combat Ascura was skilled in: the long blade allowed to land a hit without endangering the user to a counterattack while the saber was switched off.

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