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Rin settlement was a small community on the moon Qina in the Outer Rim Territories. The community was not substantial in size, but it featured a spaceport, marketplace, and establishments such as the Granhar Cantina.


The settlement known as "Rin" was established shortly after the Ruusan Reformation as a means of providing access and supplies to the Vashan religious retreats and sites on the moon Qina. The settlement was established near a mass burial site and featured a spaceport. As it approached its 300th year in existence, the community had grown enough to have a marketplace and some small facilities, such as the Granhar Cantina.

The settlement was the location chosen by Hanik Regueny, a senator from Commenor, to meet with financier Catiene Gallien and mercenary "Grems" Lind 703 BBY. GIN Agent Evening Delwynn followed Regueny there, and—along with her team, Senator Servius Valorum of Coruscant, and few Judicial Forces personnel—attempted to find the senator for interrogation. The senator and financier were abducted by Lind and three Rodians hired by Eriadu Interstellar Enterprises executive Avar Zranik. A shootout occurred, which resulted in Gallien being taken into Agent Delwynn's custody and the death of Lind. Regueny was taken by the Rodian bounty hunters to Eriadu, where he was later assassinated.



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