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The Rimward faction (abbreviated Rim) was one of the five major political factions in the Galactic Senate. It was made up of representatives exclusively from Outer Rim and Mid Rim sectors. The organization was criticized for its willingness to work with corporate interests, such as the Commerce Guild, but it held the strong belief that the guilds should not run the government, unlike the Core Power Alliance. It often worked in a partnership with the Slice–Trans-Perlemian faction (STP), as their core tenets were similar. The group supported a balance between strong government and decentralization, a balanced power structure between Core and Rim worlds, the partial redistribution of senators based upon population, pro-business markets, expansionism, and a strong central military. Members of the Rimward faction were incredibly outspoken about the then–well-documented bias in Core and Inner Rim media, criticizing them for promoting a Core-centric agenda that favored the Core Power Alliance. When Chancellor Rosock Mekosk resigned his position, the faction selected Bepona Aphelra of Ryloth to run. Aphelra withdrew three days before the elction, throwing his support behind STP candidate F'xss Os'klx. The ensuing chaos allowed Probitas pro populus darkhorse candidate Anwis Eddicus to win the election.


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