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What do I look like to you? A kriffing Frozen Storage Bank?
—Richon Barcünaveris, talking to Moorshavin Warbird, in 59 ABY, about his carbonite freezing and extraction specialty[src]

Richon Barcünaveris was a relatively well known Imperial Sith Scientist, whose specialties included cryofreezing, carbonite freezing and extraction, resurrection via medical technology and holocron entrapment and release. He, sometimes stood in between Tarakus Deadmerit, and his objectives.


Early Life

Richon Barcünaveris was hatched on Nam Chorios, in 173 BBY, one of the first Fazabian Fa'neir Dragons to be born into The Galaxy. He was hatched into one of the worst winters ever seen on Nam Chorios, and under dire circumstances. The dragon was whisked off the planet in 172 BBY. His family, powerful Dark Lords and Ladies Ekatra, fled to Wayland, where they hid for a number of years, before leaving The Galaxy all together. Barcünaveris was discovered by Darth Gualtullo in 139 BBY, and was taken under the Sith Philosopher's wing, as an apprentice. They studied for many years together, before Richon became self-sufficient enough to be out on his own.

Science Fascination

As soon as Barcünaveris was on his own, he discovered that he had a passion for science, particularly in the fields of carbonite freezing and extraction and cryofreezing. Because of this, Richon pressed himself into a prestigious Science academy, studying the subjects, and later added resurrection and holocron entrapment and release, a respectable Force subject. Utilizing his training and his newly acquired knowledge, Richon became a legitimate cryo solutions scientist, helping many sentient beings freeze viable body parts and organs, allowing them access to these parts, if and when they needed them. His business thrived and prospered.

The Empire

When The Emperor took control of The Galaxy around 20 BBY, Richon, who had his business on Coruscant, quickly realized that he was under the watchful eye of the Empire. It was only a matter of months before Imperials took interest in his work, and pressed him into Military Service, as a Cryo and carbonite specialist. His Force skills, which caught the eyes of Darth Vader, pushed him into a relationship with the Sith Lord, one that would send him to The Maw, to work under the supervision of several important Imperial Scientists. Up until 13 BBY, Barcünaveris worked in The Maw, on carbonite extraction of Tibanna gas, critical to the blasters used in the military. Shortly after he left his workstation, under orders of Ludamigus, he went to Mustafar, and faced Tarakus Deadmerit for the first time. Overwhelmed by the powerful Lord Ekatra, Barcünaveris was sorely defeated, and was pushed into a state of Morichro, after losing his left arm and leg to Tarakus's lightsaber.


After Barcünaveris's body was recovered by Imperial search teams, it was returned to The Maw, to experiment with Cryonics technology, created by Barcünaveris, himself, and cleaning out near-lethal infections at the locations of the severed limbs, pressing very hard to bring the stricken Dragon out of Morichro, to continue with important projects that were being funded by Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, such as the Sun Crusher, and Holocron entrapment and release, since the discovery of Darth Gualtullo's body. After several weeks of hard work, Richon was brought out of the Force stasis, and allowed to continue his duties as the Cryonics expert in the Maw Installation.


When the Empire collapsed at the end of the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, Richon left The Maw, and continued his experiments with holocron entrapment and release, using Gualtullo's Holocron, which had Darth Gualtullo's spirit within. After a series of successful experiments, Richon went to Kejim in 12 ABY, and left the holocron there for Tarakus Deadmerit to find. He waited only five years, to let his old master return to his body.

Moorshavin Warbird's 12-year Purge

When Richon returned to Curava in 27 ABY, Moorshavin Warbird had just come to power in the WSIR, pressing retired scientists who had fled the Imperial Remnant, into service with the WSIR. Richon became one of the first unfortunate souls to work on the 10Zarthenium torture floors. He witnessed Vader Clone 196's execution the next year. Over the 12 years that the Purge lasted, Barcünaveris witnessed over 12,000 executions, making sure that the floors were working at an optimal level. When the floors were disengaged in 40 ABY, Richon fled to Coruscant, as a temporary measure to avoid Moorshavin Warbird's endless rage.

His final moments

When Richon retired back to Curava, he had thought that he would die, at peace. Sadly, this wasn't the case. He ventured out on his own, once more in 212 ABY, traveling out to Dvorna, to search for a holocron that had been stolen from WSIR records storage. He found out that the culprit was Shar'ka Ross, but before he could recover the missing holocron, he was murdered by Ross, so he could take it to Darth Draco Minoris, and Darth Gualtullo.

Personality and Traits

Richon was cold-hearted, like most Sith, but where he differed from them, was having compassion for victims, even if they weren't his own. One very good example, would be with Moorshavin's 12-year Purge, witnessing the gruesome tortures and deaths of over 12,000 10Zarthenium electrical floor victims. He was also caring, in certain aspects. Although he was more known as a scientist, than a Sith, he still thought a bit like a Sith. His high intelligence and aptitudes and passion for Science, was a unique quality to him. Physically, Barcünaveris was more or less an average Dragon, with the exception of his prostheses, which were put in, after he was injured on Mustafar.

Behind the Scenes


Richon Barcünaveris was developed by Deadmerit, to be a background adversary who sometimes cared a little too much about people.


Deadmerit would like to thank George Lucas.


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