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Rhea Skywalker, later regarded as the Skywalker, was a powerful Force-sensitive Human female who served the Galactic Federation Triumvirate as a Jedi Knight of the New Jedi Order. She was the daughter of Lucan and Sheina Skywalker, and the twin sister of Raymond Skywalker. During her life as a Jedi, Rhea was an ace pilot who led Nova Squadron under the callsign Nova One.

During the Third Kell War of 218 ABY, Rhea was an operative of Task Force Midnight. She personally led the unit through numerous operations, clandestine or otherwise, against the Kell Empire until her capture on Christophsis. After a year of unrelenting torture and indoctrination in captivity, Rhea was converted into the ruthless personal enforcer and chief-lieutenant of Prince Axion. Under the alias of Denebola, Rhea loyally served Axion through to the war's end but a confrontation with her friends on the War World shook her allegiance. Rhea ultimately broke free from Axion's dominance, instigated a coup, and plunged the Kell into civil war.


Early life

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Third Kell War

Wrath of Denebola

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