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Her courage, determination and forthrightness...will ensure her name will be remembered

Rhadé Sarasvati Nalanda, also known as Rhadé Nalanda, was the Queen of Naboo from 32 BBY - 24 BBY and was Senator of the Chommell Sector from 24 BBY until her death in 22 BBY.

Displaying wisdom far beyond her years, as Queen, Nalanda managed to liberate her planet from the forces of the Trade Federation during the Naboo Crisis with the help of the Gungans. As Senator of Naboo, she was one of the members of the Loyalist Committee and was the public face for the campaign against the Military Creation Act. Nalanda fought tirelessly to stop the war that seemed to overwhelm the Republic, having seen the effects of war in her reign as Queen. She also arranged the Imbroglio Summit, managing to meet with Count Dooku prior to the beginning of the Clone Wars, despite two attempts made on her life. However, she was betrayed by Kanesh Dijoro and was killed during the Battle of Imbroglio by Jango Fett.


Early lifeEdit

But we can’t bury our hopes now.
—Rhadé Sarasvati Nalanda[src]

Born Rhadé Sarasvati in 48 BBY, Rhadé came from a prominent political family [1] and took a career in public office at a young age. In 32 BBY when she was sixteen she was elected Queen, taking the ceremonial name of Nalanda upon her ascension.


Naboo CrisisEdit

I have personally witnessed the heartbreak and destruction of war and do not wish it on anyone.
—Rhadé Sarasvati Nalanda[src]

Within months of her election, Naboo was invaded by the forces of the Trade Federation. Nalanda appealed to Supreme Chancellor Valorum through Senator Palpatine and the Chancellor responded by sending Shakya Devi and her Padawan Padmé Naberrie to mediate. Yet when Devi was killed by the Sith Darth Maxah, Nalanda helped the young Padmé by disguising her as one of her handmaidens[2], this was reciprocal as Padmé could continue to protect Nalanda as per Devi's final requests[3]. Nalanda attempted to negotiate with Viceroy Gunray, but the Neimoidian was not interested and the Federation fleet began its occupation[4].

Following the invasion, Nalanda disguised herself at the suggestion of both Padmé and her Head of Security, Captain Tallam Panaka and her handmaiden Sanné stood in for her. They were captured, but soon as they were out of Gunray's sight Padmé and Panaka acted, they overpowered the droids just as Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi arrived along with the Gungan Danta Pela. At the pleas of the Jedi, Nalanda agreed to go with them to Coruscant.

Plea to the SenateEdit


Nalanda in her blue senatorial gown

If I knew I was going to watch you and your colleagues politick the whys and wherefores of this invasion I would have stayed behind with our people.
—Rhadé Sarasvati Nalanda[src]

Nalanda's starship managed to penetrate the Federation blockade, thanks to the skills of the pilot Ric Olié and the droid R2-D2. However, it was damanged and at the suggestion of Jinn they made a stop to Tatooine for repairs. Jinn, Naberrie, Pela and R2-D2 went into the city of Mos Espa to procure parts for the repairs, but it was only through the assistance of the young slave boy Anakin Skywalker that they were able to get the parts needed in order to leave. The Sith Maxah pursued Nalanda to Tatooine and tried to locate her-succeeding just as Jinn returned with Skywalker, the Jedi managed to fend off the Sith as Nalanda's ship was taking off.

When she arrived on the capital world, Palpatine told her that the Chancellor Valorum may not be able to help them and suggested that she make a Vote of No Confidence as the Senate was mired in bureaucracy. Nalanda initially disagreed until she addressed the senate and she was asked by Valorum to defer in response to the reactions made by the Trade Federation's senator, Nalanda refused to defer and went along with Palpatine's suggestion, forcing the election for a new Supreme Chancellor.

Battle of NabooEdit

Seeing no further options at her disposal, Nalanda returned to Naboo, despite the protests of Palpatine about her safety. Her ship landed in the swamps of Naboo where at Nalanda's request, Pela travelled to the Gungan city but found it deserted. The Gungan then led them to the Gungan's sacred place where Nalanda met with the Gungan chief Boss Nass. At first Sanné acted for Nalanda, but when she observed that her handmaiden was getting nowhere she revealed herself to Nass and when the Gungan realised that she did not think herself superior to him, he agreed to the alliance.

With the Gungan Grand Army to draw the Federation army away from Theed, Nalanda led the party to infiltrate the city itself, fighting to the main hangar of the palace where the pilots managed to get to their ships. After the Sith Maxah reappeared, effectively drawing away Jinn and Kenobi to engage her, Nalanda was assisted by Padmé who helped her at a critical moment when she was taking Gunray prisoner. And soon after that was her final victory, when Anakin Skywalker destroyed the Droid Control Ship and deactivated all the battle droids.


Secession CrisisEdit

The Republic needs you, Senator, perhaps that’s one of the reasons you’ve been so popular with the wrong sort of people lately.
Padmé Naberrie[src]

Disguised, Nalanda travels with Anakin Skywaker and Padmé Naberrie

Following the end of her term as Queen, Nalanda has intended to retire to private life[5]. At the request of her successor Jamilla, Nalanda became Senator of the Chommell Sector. Danta Pela was also made a Representative of the Gungans, standing in for Nalanda in the Senate in her absences from Coruscant.

In 24 BBY, Nalanda was appointed by Palpatine to the Loyalist Committee in the wake of the Secession Crisis. She was able to open negotiations with Count Dooku and proposed a meeting in the hope that the war that seemed certain between the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Republic be avoided[6]. The planet of Imbroglio was decided upon, as it was not affiliated with the Republic or the CIS[7]. Nalanda was also a strong opponent of the Military Creation Act, resisting any attempts made by the Senate to hasten the vote before the proposed summit.

Assassination attemptEdit

The threat is more serious than the senator will admit.
Gregar Typho[src]

in 22 BBY Nalanda returned to Coruscant from Naboo accompanied by Padmé Naberrie, now a Jedi Knight and was returning from a mission on the Outer Rim[8]. Upon arrival, an attempt was made on Nalanda's life by the assassin Zam Wessel. This prompted Palpatine to give Nalanda additional protection, Obi-Wan Kenobi and his apprentice Anakin Skywalker were assigned to her. Nalanda was initially reluctant to this extra protection and told the Jedi she wished to know who was trying to attack her, despite Kenobi saying that they were not there to set up an investigation both Naberrie and Skywalker agreed with her.

That night there was a second assassination attempt, she was saved by Skywalker but Wessel was killed by an unnamed armored bounty hunter. For her safety, Nalanda was advised to return to Naboo under the protection Skywalker and Naberrie while Kenobi sought out the bounty hunter. Palpatine had to issue an executive [9] to make sure she obeyed and Danta Pela was to represent her at the summit. Disguised as a refugee, she traveled back to Naboo and after a meeting with Queen Jamilla took refuge at her family's villa.

At the villa, Nalanda kept in contact with what was occurring on Coruscant through Bail Organa of Alderaan. She also observed the growing passions of Skywalker and Naberrie for each other, surprising them one morning by observing the two engaged in a duel. However, she was unaware of what happened on the island after Anakin and then Padmé jumped over the waterfall. When she learned that Skywalker was having visions of his mother, she permitted him to use one of her ships to go to Tatooine.

Imbroglio SummitEdit

What matters are the lives of the millions upon millions that will be affected by this war if it takes place.
—Rhadé Sarasvati Nalanda[src]

Nalanda attending the Imbroglio Summit

After learning from her handmaidens Riané of Pela's disappearance, Nalanda decided to attend the Summit as she had originally planned–despite the warnings from Naberrie that the assassins still had not been caught. After receiving a transmission from Obi-Wan Kenobi, Nalanda and Naberrie traveled to Imbroglio where the Senator was greeted by Kanesh Dijoro. At a reception given that night, Nalanda confessed to Bail Organa that she was having doubts about the initial aims of the Summit and the chances of their success given Kenobi's revelations.

When Dooku and Nute Gunray had arrived, the Summit began but Nalanda quickly realized that Dooku was not going to listen to anyone, he openly accused Nalanda of sending Jedi to spy on CIS worlds. Later on when she and Organa were alone, she admitted that Dooku may be right and that it was far too late to stop the impending war.

Battle of Imbroglio and deathEdit

The price of change is written in blood, and we’re running out from last time.
—Rhadé Sarasvati Nalanda[src]

However, not even she could have foreseen Dijoro's betrayal, much less the truth of the trap Dooku had laid for the Loyalists. Nalanda was awakened by one of Organa's guards hammering on her door, she was informed that all of the senators had been locked in and their comlinks were jammed. Nalanda managed to gather all of the Loyalists in her suite as the guards outside tried to blast through the doors. They did not succeed in freeing the trapped politicians until the arrival of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. Kenobi used his lightsaber to cut the door open so they could escape.

During the evacuation, Mace Windu's strike team arrived but Nalanda was caught in the middle of a crossfire. When the fighting ceased temporarily, Jango Fett arrived with an offer of mercy if they surrendered. Nalanda stepped right in front of him and was shot from point-blank range. Organa managed to get her body onto the Republic ships, and she was buried in state on Naboo.

Personality and traitsEdit

Nalanda strongly believed in diplomacy over armed conflict, a conviction further augmented by the Naboo crisis and carried on when she served as Senator. Despite this she was willing to face realities, even to the extent of doubting herself and what she was capable of.

Her passion for her convictions went to the extent that Nalanda often acted without concern for her own personal safety, much to the chagrin of those who were assigned to protect her such as Tallam Panaka, her Head of Security as Queen, and the Jedi Knight Padmé Naberrie. This to some extent explained her actions during the Battle of Imbroglio and thus her death.

Not much is known of Nalanda's personal life, however there did seem to be some sort of intimacy between herself and Bail Prestor Organa who was one of the few who addressed her by her first name "Rhadé"[10]. However, nothing—if anything—came of this.

Behind the scenesEdit

Like Padmé Amidala Nalanda's name is of Indian origin. "Rhadé" is a variation of Rhada in Hindu mythology, "Sarasvati" (pronounced "Sarras-wa-tee")is the name of a Hindu goddess while "Nalanda" was a Buddhist university that is now in ruins.


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