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Just To Let Everyone Know This Is A (Non-Canon) Planet. Its Not Real. Its A Foresty Desert Planet. If See the "(Non-Canon)" Sign You Know Its Not True

Thanks For Reading


Clone Wars

Order 66

Galactic Civil War

Galactic Civil War 2 (First Order Era)

The Revived Sith Cult Order (Non-Canon)

Galactic Empire Take Over

A New Generation Rebellion (Non-Canon)

Hidden Sith Cult Order (Non-Canon)

The Hidden Jedi Beginning (Non-Canon)

First Order Takes Over

The 12th Generation Squad Uprising (Non-Canon)


Rebel Squads And Clone Legions

622th Fate Legion (Clone Wars) (Non-Canon)

The Dying Star Squad (Galactic Civil War) (Non-Canon)

Hands Of Fate Squad (Galactic Civil War 2) (Non-Canon)

501st Legion (Galactic Civil War & Clone Wars)

The 12th Generation Squad (Galactic Civil War 2) (Non-Canon)

Background Story

A Hidden Planet On A Hidden Region That Can't Be Reached. 1 Day It was Discovered By The 501st Legion And 622th Fate Legion.

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