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Rise of the Empire era

I’m Commander Reylan Aadaeil of the CSF Organized Crime Unit.
—Reylan Aadaeil[src]

Reylan Aadaeil was a Commander in the Coruscant Security Force. He later held the same rank in the Grand Army of the Galactic Republic.


Early life

Like his father, Reylan Aadaeil joined the Coruscant Security Force after he graduated from preparatory school, eventually becoming part of the Organized Crime Unit and ascending to the rank of Commander. He served under Yur T'aug until the latter's departure from the Security Force, after the formation of the Grand Army of the Republic, in 22 BBY.


That same year, though before the formation of the army, Aadaeil led the team that assisted Jedi Master Mace Windy in capturing Jango Fett on Nar Shaddaa.[1] After the events on Nar Shaddaa, Reylan was briefed by his superiors regarding the Mandalorians, and he learned that all information and potential threats had been designated as being credible. Shortly thereafter, he and Lieutenant Vendere Dashin of the Anti-Terrorism Unit were assigned to help guard Fett in the Jedi Temple prison wing where they briefed Windy before his interrogation of Fett. They were also assigned to guard Fett.[2]

Clone Wars

After the Clone Wars began, the Security Force was integrated into the Grand Army of the Republic. He was not initially bothered by it, but eventually he lost a lot of the significant influence he held in the Security Force and his position in the war and as an officer degraded. This put him, by de facto, beneath the clone shock troopers. Aadaeil's morale dropped significantly because of this, and throughout the war he did not enter as much action as he would've liked to.

Behind the scenes

The creation of Reylan Aedaeil was planned since September 2007, after the creator, Victor Dorantes, took various screenshots from the video game Halo 3, for their use in his fan fiction. The character was left unplanned for months, until Dorantes was able to come up with a plot for the use of the images in mid-2008. The name itself was created using a random name generator. The character is portrayed by images of the same non-playable character from Halo 3, an unnamed Marine of the United Nations Space Command. In October 2008, Dorantes released the character under the full control of author Brandon Rhea, since Rhea was developing the character in his novel The Chosen One and since Dorantes realized he had no solid plans for Aadaeil.


Notes and references

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