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This castle was home to the Corellian monarchy. The castle was colloquially known as Rey's Castle because the first king of Corellia was named Rey Solo. The palace was initially located at the edge of Coronet's city limits. However, due to the expansion of the Corellian capital, the palace became the unofficial center of the large city. Due to the fact that the palace was built prior to the the formation of the Galactic Republic, the palace was designated as a galactic landmark. It was the oldest standing structure created by a member species of the Republic.

Behind the scenes

Rey's castle was created by I'm the Chosen One. Rey is a Spanish term for "King" and was derived from the Latin word "rex". The colloquial name for this castle would be translated as "King's Castle". The castle is part of a series of locations and buildings the Corellians named after the word King.

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