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Located in the Japriar system, Rexxan-Japriar was a artifact planet covered in a dense urban landscape. The skyscrapers were built on the planet's surface called The Royal Japriar City, itself dense urban blocks with inner levels. Rexxan-Japriar was the center of Snakra culture.

Rexxan-Japriar was also home to many different species and creatures. Teleportation teleportways that wove in between skyscrapers.[4] Pedestrians could walk along the streets that ran alongside the various levels or on top of the urban blocks themselves. Entertainment districts with night clubs, bars, theaters, and other business throughout the city catered to the population. Some serviced high end customers though many could be found in the lower levels and in seedy districts favored by the criminal underworld.

Underneath the surface structures of The Royal Japriar City, had billions of levels generally known as The Twilight Zone. The highest surface on was Block 57,772- Overlevel 5,678,932-Sublevel 51,276,235,756,327,866,327 and the lowest was Level 1 which was deemed uninhabitable.Accessible by huge portals, Rexxan-Japriar's Twilight Zone was a massive city beneath the city. Dwellings and smaller buildings were squeezed in between massive towers and infrastructure that serviced the planet. Skywalkways were narrow and large sections contained warehouses and massive buildings largely abandoned and built upon from the levels above. Sunlight never reached the lower levels which had to be lit by Artificial Mini-StarsTeleportstations serviced the population to move them from one area to the other.

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