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Revan Shan was a member of the Jedi Order and was one of the few Jedi to survive the Orders Purging during Order 66. Born during an unspecified point in time before the Clone Wars on the Capital planet of Mandalorian space, to some of the last true Mandalorian Warriors amongst the nearly extinct Clan Ordo a clan who aligned with the republic during the height of the Old republic during his ancestors Time, the same ancestor whose name he bears: Revan. And much like his ancestors Wife Bastila Shan he inherited the Skill of Battle Meditation, which proved critical for the Clone Troopers under his Command, but while Battle Meditation was rare by itself, what was more was that Revan managed to Develop a Variant of it which involved combining the art of Moving Meditation into it which meant he could use Battle meditation while in the heat of battle which was further Augmented by his Cybernetic Eye which held a direct link to the Systems of all the Ships under his command, meaning he could stay informed by the situations arising during a fleet engagement which also meant that he could use Battle Meditation to boost his Pilots Morale, Reaction speed, Reflexes, perception and Awareness as well as his Ground forces all at once. Revan was apprenticed to Jedi Master Plo koon and served with him until the start of the second year of the Clone Wars, when he became a Jedi Knight and took a group of apprentices consisting of Pedro, Gungi, Bith, and Katoonie, while it was not uncommon for Jedi take on more than one apprentice at any given time it was almost unheard of for one lone knight to take on four Individual Padawan's at once. It was during the second year of the war that Revan was assigned to Senator Riyo Chuchi as a Republic Military Liaison to Pantora, it was this assignment that led to him breaking the Jedi code and pursuing an Intimate Romantic Relationship with the senator, which ultimately led to his Disgrace and expulsion from the order.


Revan was slightly taller than the average humanoid, but was beyond peak Physical Condition due to his Mandalorian Heritage which drove him to perfect both Personal Combat and Physical Fitness, and used the force to enhance his Speed, Strength, Agility, Stamina and Awareness. He had Short Jet Black Hair. He also sported extensive scar tissue all over his body.

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