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Revan was power. It was like staring into the heart of the Force.
—Kreia on her pupil Revan

Revan, variously known as the Revanchist and Darth Revan, was a Human male Jedi Guardian and Dark Lord of the Sith active during the Old Republic era and the Old Sith Wars.


The Jedi Guardian who came to be known as Revan was born on the remote Republic world of Deralia, whereupon his Force-sensitivity was discovered by the Jedi Order and he was taken to Dantooine to trained at the Jedi Enclave there. He displayed a strong command of the Force during his studies at the Enclave, but also exhibited an arrogance and a penchant recklessness that worried his masters.

A charismatic leader, Revan ultimately earned the ire of the Jedi Council in the early days of the Mandalorian Wars through his eager attempts to persuade fellow Jedi to aid the Republic. Along with his friend Alek and trusted ally Meetra Surik, Revan built a following of similarly minded Jedi who together answered the Republic's desperate call for aid.

A naturally gifted tactician, Revan destroyed the Mandalorian threat in under a year, and at the war's close, traveled to the Unknown Regions with Alek to discover the true source of the Mandalorian threat. He and Alek returned as Sith conquerors, their minds warped by the power of the hidden Sith Emperor whose Empire lay in wait far from the Republic's sight. Armed with the power of the Infinite Empire's Star Forge, an immense space station and weapons foundry, Revan and Malak waged war upon the Republic they had once risked all to save.

The desperate, last ditch action of the Jedi, a raid on Revan's flagship spearheaded by the promising Jedi Sentinel Padawan Bastila Shan, ultimately gave Revan a final chance at redemption. Betrayed by Malak, saved at death's door by Shan, and "reprogrammed" with a new identity by the Jedi Council, Revan once again came to the aid of the Republic, and with the assistance of Shan and his motley party of allies, ended his own Empire and struck down his treacherous apprentice.

Soon after the war's end, Revan, his past memories slowly returning, departed once again for the Unknown Regions. His ultimate fate remains unknown, though his death is largely assumed.

Personality and traits

Revan's charisma was well known within the Jedi Order since his earliest days at the Enclave. He exuded an aura of command and a confident surety that inspired his followers and captivated the hearts and minds of the denizens of the Republic. The Republic media viewed him as their poster boy, and noted an increase in sales on all materials related to Revan during the Mandalorian Wars, such was his appeal.

Those who knew and interacted with Revan the most during the war, namely, the Revanchists, knew him to be a calm and deliberate individual gripped by an emotionless seriousness that others, most notably Malak, preyed upon. Unlike his friend, Revan did not possess a strong sense of humor, and his enraged reactions to Malak's constant pranks did nothing but provoke more of the same behavior.

Physical appearance

Known to most as nothing but a mask and a cape, few truly knew what Revan physically looked like under his disguise. A number of his closest friends and trusted Revanchist followers could describe the specifics of what lay behind the mask, but few others knew or cared to know the man himself. As Revan himself was so fond of saying, "Who I am is unimportant; my message is."

Revan possessed redish-brown, close-cropped hair trimmed to Republic officer regulations. During the Mandalorian Wars, he sported a full-face beard, which he gradually trimmed into a goatee around the time of his "reprogramming" at the hands of the Jedi Council. Suri Sunrunner, who related to the Sith Lord Karros an instance in which she had secretly glimpsed the man without his mask, stated that his most captivating features were his eyes, which shown "blue, bright as a midday sky without a dash of cloud... piercing and probing the darkness like some ageless fire..."


During his time as a Jedi, Revan employed the traditional blue color crystal of the Jedi Guardian class in his double-bladed lightsaber. As with other members of the Order, he wore the traditional unassuming robes of the Jedi, though he often wore a hood to mask his true visage.

During the Mandalorian Wars, he traded his standard robes for reinforced robes and Republic-issue fiber armor, and after the revelation of genocide on Cathar, donned a Mandalorian mask previously owned by a Mandalorian woman.

Employing the seldom-used double-bladed lightsaber initially popularized by Exar Kun, Revan unintentionally started a movement within the ranks of his followers, the Revanchists, who constructed their own double-bladed weapons in an attempt to emulate their beloved leader. The Jedi Apostate, Suri Sunrunner, stated that Revan's weapon was the initial inspiration for her own weapon.

Behind the scenes

The author is a great fan of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and its sequel, though the Revan portayed in On the Nature of the Force differs slightly from the canon Revan. As the author intensely dislikes the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, much of the more recent material pertaining to Revan has been removed.


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