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Revan was a Human male Jedi Knight who lived during the time of the Old Sith Wars. An enigmatic individual, he was widely acknowledged as a highly-charismatic and powerful being, as well as talented in the Force, who came of age in the years leading up to the Mandalorian Wars. As the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders attacked worlds beyond the Outer Rim Territories, he agitated for the involvement of the Jedi Order, eventually whipping up a following. Defying the Jedi High Council, he led his followers into war against the Mandalorians, eventually assuming direct command of a third of the Republic Navy.

After winning the war at the Battle of Malachor V, he, along with his longtime friend Malak, vanished into the Unknown Regions. Some time later he returned to known space, wearing the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith and leading an empire of his own with which to conquer the Republic. The conflict that resulted eventually saw Revan captured, his memories suppressed and a new identity implanted into his mind. However, during the quest to find and destroy the Star Forge, the true Revan re-emerged. Accepting the chance to atone for his dark ways, he joined with Bastila Shan and a number of other companions in helping to defeat the Sith. Later, he departed the Republic, bound for parts unknown.

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