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Reva'Rit (prononced Re-Va-Rit) was a general in the New Republic that also fought in the Clone Wars. In the New Republic his planet Res' Var was under attack by the droids, which was why he hated droids.


In his early life during the Clone Wars while Re'Var's were very secretive, he lived with his family on the orbiting shuttle after the great time of discovery. Little did he know that his race evolved on a planet that he would find.

Why do we live on a space ship?

After the Clone Wars he started the mapping buisiness for the Re'varan mapping buisiness. Two years later they decided to look for objects in hyper space to learn about the shadows there. Five years later he found the planet that he was looking for in hyperspace. The reason that he could not see it on the radar was because it was actually in hyperspace.