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The Republic Remnant was a remnant of the Galactic Republic. It started with the 212th Legion, with several clones, Nephill and Delso, becoming the leaders/founders. It was established in 19 BBY, after the formation of the Galactic Empire. It was also referred to as the RR. The Republic Remnant retained several features of the Republic, such as the Supreme Chancellor office position, and the Eria Document was much like the Galactic Constitution. In an effort to get rid of long lags in legal decisions, the Senate was noticeable smaller. Most of the RR's funding and focus was the sabotage and "war" against the Empire.



The Republic Remnant was unofficially "founded" when the 212th Legion was called the "Republic Remnant," since it had a habit of not following orders and was thus a "remnant." It was founded officially in 19 BBY when the Eria Document was written.

Early HistoryEdit

The 212th Legion was the start of the Republic Remnant. The 212ths history started on Kamino, when a Kaminoan named Tae Daiv abandoned his post. A freak accident occurred, when the clones' genes were flushed with midi-chlorians and the genes were altered with complete independence. The accident was discovered, but the Kaminoans "fixed" the problem, but in reality it was only altered a little.

Early Clone WarsEdit

At Geonosis, the 212th suffered the heaviest casualties, leading the charge on the Separatist berths with no support. They suffered 20% casualties, losing 2,000 troopers out of 15,000. The survivors were patched up and sent on various missions, most small skirmishes. The greatest battle was Jabiim. The 212th was deployed to respond and thus suffered the casualties. They suffered 95% casualties, only 500 surviving. Nephill, grief-stricken after the death of his friend Double. Nephill, a lieutenant, bade farewell to his friend Delso, a sergeant. He buried some of the members of the slain Padawan Pack along with Double and other clones. He then stole a V-19 Torrent and escaped to Nar Shaddaa, meeting Jorga the Hutt and also traveling to Mandalore. He later returned after two years and accepted a job as a Mandalorian mercenary, and was given the rank of commander.

Later Clone WarsEdit

Nephill, Dorn Koon, Jet Fisto, and Blacksun were sent to Dagobah to do a recon mission around a Separatist comm station nearby. They stumbled onto a village, where descendants of Halka Four-Den and her research team were settled. They participated in a podrace and saw remains of a Republic Venator-class Star Destroyer and a Trade Federation Battlecruiser. Nephill and Dorn Koon stumbled onto Darth Killsick, and had a brush with the Dark Side. Nephill ordered an attack against the comm station, and after a battle with minimal casualties, the newly formed 212th Legion prevailed. About after the battle, Nephill started breeding independence in his troopers.

The 212th was deployed when an early attempt by Separatist Kaminoans to use clone troopers against the Republic occurred, resulting in the the Third Battle of Kamino. Ko Sai was chief of the Separatist project. The 212th, led by General Nephill Kilner, Captain Dorn Koon, Lieutenant Jet Fisto, and General Blacksun along with Commanders Umwaw and Arani, attacked Baran Wu Cloning Station with 20,000 troops. The battle went well until the enemy clones detonated the chief platform supporting the 212th. The entire platform, with the "accidental" but purposeful blaster shot by Dorn Koon, collapsed the platform, sending the 212th to slide to their doom. Nephill, Koon, and Fisto climbed onto the bridge and headed into the cloning facility. Ko Sai escaped while an anonymous Sith apprentice fought the commando group. Fisto blasted the sith to his fate into the water with an EMP Launcher. Nephill stole a clone deceleration shot along with Ko Sai's research. Nephill then made copies of the shot and distributed them among the 212th secretly, stopping their age acceleration.

Traveling through hyperspace to Coruscant, the 212th Fleet stumbled onto a Republic homing beacon. They dropped out of hyperspace and rescued an old transport. Sharin Dool, a Dinovian, was aboard. Sharin explained about Dinovia and was hired by the Republic as a Bounty Hunter. A task force was sent to Dinovia to recruit the Dinovians into the Republic. The operation was successful.

Dorn Koon was arrested and incarcerated on Coruscant after suspicious actions concerning the death of a clone lieutenant. Nephill was on Triple Zero to petition the senate about the sale of EEI cruisers to the war effort. The Separatist attack caught both unawares (Battle of Coruscant). Koon escaped prison in the confusion and Nephill led the 212th Legion during the battle, mostly in space. Koon was pardoned for his actions because of his bravery during the Battle of Coruscant. During the battle, Koon and Nephill were captured and tortured by General Grievous, and Koon cracked under torture. They were on the Invisible Hand heading to prison when they escaped.

The main body of the 212th Legion was sent with the 212th Attack Battalion to Utapau, to take part in the Battle of Utapau During the battle, Nephill fought General Grievous, but was thrown off the edge of a hanger bay along with Umwaw. They were fine, and were picked up by Dorn Koon in a gunship. Nephill, feeling a major disturbance in the near future, left Utapau along with his troops, and headed to Coruscant.

Order 66 was issued after Nephill left hyperspace and exited over Coruscant. Delso and his squad were attacked by traitorous clones and were rescued by Nephill, Blacksun, Xenton (Jet's brother), Salporin, and Fandomar. They killed all other clone traitors and, with only 20,000 men out of 50,000, headed to the Jedi Temple to protect it. By the time they arrived, the temple was being hit by scouts of the 501st Legion. Dorn Koon disappeared. The 212th set up evacuations of younglings and padawans, and set up defenses. They evacuated 500 Jedi. The battle killed 5,000 212th men. Dorn Koon revealed himself to be an apprentice of Darth Sidious, Darth Koon. Nephill and Darth Koon fought on a moving AT-TE. Nephill cut off his leg, and Koon cut off Nephill's arm. The battle ended with Nephill fleeing, and the retreat of the 212th. The new Republic Remnant was set up and jumped to hyperspace after deleting files on Dinovia, Alpha Red, and certain Jedi records. They fled to Dinovia and Alpha Red to regroup and plan for the future.

Later HistoryEdit

Reign of the EmpireEdit

The RR started paramilitary operations against the Empire immediately. Funds were directed from Eledino Engineering Inc. to hire mercenaries, assassins, and bounty hunters. They spread propaganda through clone stormtrooper ranks to get them to desert. The RR consolidated resources and set up resistance cells on all major planets, waiting for the time to strike.

Emperor Palpatine ordered Darth Koon to destroy Eledino Engineering Incorporated, and he did. Koon stormed in on a board meeting, and Nephill held him off with several clone troopers while Shelkar evacuated the board. The EEI Fleet escaped along with workers who wanted to come to Eria.

14 BBYEdit

14 BBY was the most important and eventful year of the Republic Remnant. The Narcara Jedi Temple, Republica 700 Hotel, and the Republic Remnant Senate Building were built.

Sacking of EriaEdit

In 14 BBY, the RR suffered a tragedy and embarrassment. A joint pirate raid led by agents of Jorga's Consortium and other pirates and slavers. Inexperienced rookies were manning Eria security stations, and were cut off guard. The planetary shield was raised too late, catching some enemy ships inside the shield. The generators were shot, and armed pirates landed. The rookies managed token resistance, and drove the pirates off when reinforcements arrived, but not after about half of Eria's civilian population was hauled off as slaves. Rachel Kilner was one captured. All battle groups were called back to Eria, and all operations canceled. The Supreme Chancellor had just been elected, but was killed in the confusion. The Chancellor was the Corellian senator, Kysh Kippin. The Republic Remnant Senate was put into a legislative craze, with senators recalling and sending battle groups everywhere. Most of the slaves were lost, although 500,000 civilians were rescued in Operation Code Five.

The Jelly WarEdit

They look cute, but they can drown you in their bodies, and absorb blaster fire.
—Commander Delso, giving a crash course to the 212th Legion.

The native Jellies of Eria had a truce with the RR settlers. But when they learned the RR had broken the treaty, by building Research Facility 115, they attacked and stole the Fett genome while it was in transit to the facility for testing. They then killed everyone in the base, only taking hostage key scientists. They then proceeded to attack Narcara City, initiating a war. The battle started with the jellies winning, with the destruction of Narcara's shield generator, and thousands of missiles hitting the city. Then the jellies, hidden in the sewers, blew open the street in front of the EEI building. The jellies and their tanks blew out, killing civilians and bewildered soldiers. The outskirts were hit by artillery, tanks, and infantry. The battle was prolonged, when veterans training rookies counterattacked and held them off while the rest of the military on Eria regrouped. The main battle was the Battle of Narcara City. Luckily, most troopers had been recalled after the Sacking of Eria, but some had been reassigned, like Fordo's to Kamino. The battle, after a week of combat, moved to the central part of the city. Most of the RR's artillery, tanks, and infantry were holed up near the Senate Building and the Jedi Temple. They couldn't send aid, for they would head into a snipestorm.

Order 66Edit

During the battle, the Senate was in the process of electing a new Supreme Chancellor. They elected Surk, a Wookiee. Surk's first action as Chancellor was to execute Order 66 and 70, after he claimed several Jedi attacked him while he prepared his acceptance speech.

The activation code words for these orders were: Alpha Delta Base Omega Zero. The order resulted in half of the Jedi Order being annihilated, and force sensitives rounded up and killed. Order 70 resulted in shaken civilian trust in the Republic Remnant, and about 200,000 civilians and soldiers "executed" by clone troops. General Salporin arrived with reinforcement Venator Star Destroyers, and defended the Jedi Temple and Senate. The space battle escalated with the arrival of 8 jelly warships. The jellies sided with Surk, after a harsh deal. 2,000 citizens were rounded up and given to the jellies like animals. The loyalists during the Republic Remnant Schism ran mop-up operations to capture or kill all the rebels.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Republic Remnant was based off of the author's wish for a continued use of the Republic. It was designed as a tale moving through witnesses who saw these events (witnesses who escaped termination by the Empire). The Empire killed most unfortunate to be at the scene of these events. The Imperial Remnant inspired the Republic Remnant. The RR and all articles in the Republic Remnant category will keep being added to, for this is a continuing story line.

Alpha Red: Asteroid BaseEdit

Alpha Red was a base set on an asteroid near Coruscant. It was built by the 212th Legion and kept quiet except to the highest authority. It was erased from Coruscant records after Order 66 and used as a Republic Remnant base.