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The Renegades were a group of exiled Jedi that swore to destroy the Jedi and the Sith. They went into hiding and lured the Jedi and Sith to them and silently killed them. Gar Rett was the first and bravest leader. Haron Dagobah was Gar's greatest and wisest friend, and he was second in command of the Renegades.


The Betrayal

Haron had grown tired and envious of Gar. He started planning, behind Gar's back, his downfall. One afternoon Haron was talking to Gar about their battle plans. The Renegades were in battle against the Bonchas, another group of exile Jedi and Sith whom Haron hired to fight the Renegades as a distraction for when he killed Gar. After they had been talking for a few minutes, Haron ignited his light-saber and force-pushed Gar against the wall. Gar recovered and grabbed his light-saber. They were engaged in an epic duel. After about fifteen minutes Haron had Gar unarmed with both light-sabers against his neck. Gar pleaded for his life and Haron let him leave with nothing but the clothes on his back. After Gar was disposed of, Haron called the battle off and the Renegades and Bonchas joined to make the New Berenegades.

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