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Remus Corona was a Human male Dark Jedi born to a mining family on Anobis. After becoming an adult, he left his family and homeworld behind to become an archaeologist. During this time, he was discovered to be Force-sensitive by a Sith cult known as the Disciples of Ragnos. They succeeded in recruiting him, promising power and a more significant place in the galaxy. Remus steadily climbed the ranks of the cult, impressing the leaders of the organization with his strength in the Force until he became the second in command of Tavion Axmis, the cult's leader.

In the year 14 ABY, Remus commanded the cult's forces at the Battle of Korriban, where he personally slew five Jedi Knights. After Tavion was killed and replaced by Jaden Korr, he immediately transferred his loyalty to the new leader, feeling that it would be pointless to start a a civil conflict within the organization. Because of his adeptness with the Force, Remus was given the rank of a Warlord after the cult was reorganized into the Dark Order of Korr.

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