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Remembrance Day was a holiday of the Golden Empire, one of the three designated days in the calendar. It commemorated the members of the Glorious Armada of the Golden Empire and the Order of Keltrayu who had given their lives in service.

Celebrations of Remembrance Day varied world to world, but usually incorporated memorials and tributes to citizens of each world who had died, both over the Empire's history and in the previous year. Queen Rin Sakaros conducted a yearly memorial, attended by the Prime Legate and the Prefect of the Order of Keltrayu, at which one of her servants would read a list of every starship and major ground command lost in battle, along with every Centurion killed in the line of duty, as a sober reminder to herself and her commanders of the cost of victory.

In 155 ABY, Prefect Aria Nikina began a new tradition in the Order of Keltrayu: each Novice of sufficient age was required to present a report on a fallen Centurion to his or her fellow Novices. The annual presentations also became a popular tradition among full Centurions, many of whom had known the brothers and sisters being memorialized. Most Centurions who were aboard the Sith Star on Remembrance Day made a point of attending the presentations.