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Reklikohooe, sometimes written Rekli-Kohooe, Rekli Kohooe, or Kohooe Rekli in common Basic name format (see Drijoken society for naming conventions), was the first State President of the Eniam United Trispecial Republic, on Eniam. Before the formation of that government, he was his species's Alliance Coordinator in the Drijoken-Keaarglr Alliance. Earlier in his election, there was much tension, as each being was voting for candidates of his or her species. Finally they agreed that a leader of a different species could still follow the greater good of all, and Reklikohooe was decided to be the best for their current situation.

He was born to an average family in which his parents were scientists. As an ayklukkeh, he became well known when when he saved some Drijokenleein from a tunnel cave-in. Over the years, he became a respected citizen. When the Drijoken and the Keaarglr united into the temporary Drijoken-Keaarglr Alliance, Kohooe was chosen to be the Drijoken leader. He then went on to the election when the Drijokenleein and Keaarglr befriended the Eniamo.

Reklikohooe lived to the ripe old age of 65 standard years, which was quite old compared to the normal lifespan at the time, which was around 50 standard years.

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