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Reiko Kaytana was born on Arkania in 112 ABY, and was trained to be a mechanic from his early childhood. This, however, did not last long, as she was taken to the Jedi Temple at the age of three due to her Force-sensitivity and talents. His fiery attitude caused the Jedi to hand her over to the Imperial Knights.


Early life

Reiko was born in a rural area on Arkania to a family of mechanics. From a very young age she would sort parts or even make minor fixes to a droid or piece of equipment. When she was three years old, she was found by the Jedi and brought to the temple where she began training to be a Jedi, but her fiery temper and fiesty attitude was not thought well of. Her dedication to her training never waivered however, leaving Reiko a prime candidate for the Imperial Knights.

Imperial Knight

At the age of 8 she was approached and chosen by Master Ni`san Altima. Being taken under the wing of this master, he gave her a cause, the Emperor. Training under the guidance of this new group, Reiko excelled at being a body gaurd. She protected the emperor for some years but after passing her trials she found the job to be monotomous and asked permission from her Master to return to Nar Shaddaa in order to continue with a new type of training. The Imperial Knights were not thrilled however to let her go, She shed the red armor and dawned her robes. They were no where near the originals though. She wore browns and black so as not to appear a Jedi. Her hands were constantly wrapped because although a Jedi in profession she had never lost her love for machinery. Reiko had taken up the art of Jur`Kai and with her solid dedication she returned to take up the profession of Weapons Master at the Academy. Though she knew it was a long road, her time at the temple had never made her fallter before and she would not let time cause her to falter in her task.

Nar Shaddaa

Her old Master accompanied Reiko back to Nar Shaddaa, wanting to make sure that the young woman was making a choice she wanted to stick with. It was while she was settling her things in the Jedi Academy there that she met Master Souv and was placed within the ranks of other Jedi Knights. She had come to find serving Roan Fel to be a rewarding task and the Jedi there were rather dull. After becoming mildly acquainted with the building she returned to her Master's ship intent on letting him know that this may not have been the best course of action for her only to discover the man's body. Across the wall and written in blood was the message "The Sith Have Returned". Deeply shaken and now stranded on the planet, Reiko was fueled by anger to find the culprit behind the attack and murder of her Master.

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