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The Regnant-class Star Destroyer was a Star Destroyer class manufactured by Cybe Drives and designed by senior designer Arthus Wex following the rise of the Galactic Empire. The ship entered service with the Imperial Navy in 15 BBY and was the premier early battlecruiser of the Empire.

After the battle of Endor, many of these ships gradually fell under control of Imperial warlords, most prominently the Aradan Union.



The Regnant was intended as a heavier variant of the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer, sporting one hundred ninety total turbolaser batteries, sixty of which were heavy turbolaser batteries and complemented by four rows of octuple barbette batteries, the Regnant was considered the behemoth of its time, capable of defeating the heaviest of warships.

In addition, the ship was also armed with Ion cannons, tractor beam projectors and point-defense laser cannons, permitting it to aptly deal with smaller targets as well.


Early service

The Regnant was manufactured by Cybe Drives prior to 15 BBY, intended to complement Imperial I-class Star Destroyers in battle. The final result however was the 2,100 meter Regnant. In early days, the Regnant was more commonly used as flagship by Imperial officers.

However, when the Allegiance-class battlecruiser came into service, the Regnant was rapidly relegated to patrol duties in the Outer Rim Territories, with only a handful of them still serving in Imperial fleets. During this time, many ships of this class entered service with the Cybe Sector Defense Forces.


After the battle of Endor, most of the Outer Rim patrols were seized by local Imperial warlords. The Cybe Sector Defense Forces were absorbed by another warlord faction, the Aradan Union, resulting in large numbers of Regnants entering service with Imperial Regent Norven Loyaler's faction.

By 9 ABY, production of the Regnant had been cancelled in favour of the more nimble Velox-class Star Destroyer.

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