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Annoyed senators. Disillusioned soldiers and policemen. Angry citizens. Just a bunch of radicals, really, held together by the idea that they can change the Republic. A quaint thought. Let them attempt to do whatever they want. It might even ultimately help us.
Palpatine to Mas Amedda

The Reformist Movement, originally called the Reformist Party and also known as the Reformist Faction, with members referred to as Reformists, was a political cabal in the Galactic Republic that primarily demanded reform of the government (though the group had many demands). It initially was founded as a minor protest group, but it's influence and power grew as the Clone Wars began, and it was known that even several former Jedi joined the organization at that time; those who quit the Jedi Order rather than become soldiers of the Republic.

In 21 BBY, the group attempted a coup d'état against the Republic government. The coup failed, but the organization simply went underground and continued it's actions. It had secret dealings with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, however, it did not directly support the Separatists, and only had several dealings with the CIS. The Reformists viewed what they were doing as a betterment for the Republic, and tried to minimize their dealings with Separatist factions. However, they did call for a ceasefire with the CIS. After the conflict ended, the group was branded a terrorist organization by the Galactic Empire, and it went into exile. Many of it's former members joined the Alliance to Restore the Republic in 2 BBY.


The Reformist faction issued a number of demands to the Galactic Senate:

1. Palpatine was to be removed from the government completely, and put on trial for abuse of power. His Red Guard was to be dissolved.
2. The Grand Army of the Republic was to be completely reformed and a minimum number of troops to be set; all military operations were to be halted. Under the new limit, at least 40% of the troops would be discharged.
3. A new constitution to be drafted with the help of select senators, and the rest of the Senate to be temporarily suspended. Certain senators were to be charged for abuse of power.
4. A ceasefire declared with the Confederacy of Independent Systems (the halting of all military operations, as part of the other demand). A peace treaty was to be drafted.



The movement was led by Ultana Annax and her advisors, part of the Revolutionary Command Council. This council was made up of other senators, officers, and a Jedi that decided to join the movement.

The party's armed wing went by various names, but most commonly was referred to as the "Reformist Militia". The militia was comprised of some 12,000 members at it's peak, in 18 BBY. They were divided into battalions of 800 men each, with four battalions making a regiment, and two regiments making a division. Members of the militia ranged widely, many being former military and/or mercenaries. However, the majority had no prior combat experience and were trained by those members who did. Their funding was limited, so it was primarily an infantry force, though grew to possess some mechanized units, and one armored unit. The militia's forces were spread across mostly the Core Worlds, with assets in other regions as well.

Along with the militia, the Council formed a 150-man unit that they referred to officially as the "republican guard", and jokingly as the "praetorian guard". It was composed of the best fighters the militia had, and provided security for the Councilmen. However, republican guards also often acted as field commanders for the regular militiamen.

In addition to them, there were non-official supporters, or average members who did not join the militia. Their numbers were estimated in the hundreds of thousands, mostly on Coruscant, though also on other planets. They could be called upon by the leadership to engage in protests, and often, many people joined in who did not know of the Reformists before then. The movement spread much propaganda via various methods on Coruscant and other Core Worlds to recruit.