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Redemption's Call


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Release date

8 November 2009

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Yanibar Tales


14 ABY


Force Exile Series

Redemption's Call is a novella by Atarumaster88. It is within the Yanibar Tales as part of the Force Exile Series. Redemption's Call follows the continuing story of the Force exiles in 14 ABY.


Welcome, my friend, to a galaxy far, far away. Enter the realm of Jedi and bounty hunters, soldiers and droids, rulers and beggars, aliens and humans. From Stackpole’s Corellians to Traviss's Mandalorians, immerse yourself in a universe with the exotica of Zahn, the wit of Allston, the grimness of Stover, the daring of Ostrander, the imagery of Luceno, the detail of Wallace, and most importantly, the vision of George Lucas, to whom we owe it all. And if you listen close enough, you’ll hear the sweet sounds of John Williams’ score in the background. Welcome to Star Wars.

Greetings, traveler. What brings you here to our remote corner of space? There’s little of value here if you’re after money, and little action for a thrill-seeker. After all, what significance does a dusty Outer Rim world have to the big galaxy out there? No, we’re a simple folk here on Yanibar, content to mind our own business and let the galaxy minds its own. Now, what did you say you wanted? Stories? Ah, you want to know if the scattered myths of three hundred years ago are true, if the legends of a great power that once lived here are more than old wives’ tales. They are. Once, this world was home to a great people-nothing special by themselves, but united, capable of great things. They lived and died here, all those years ago, as surely as you and I are standing right here. So, pull up a chair, grab something to drink, and I’ll tell you some of the old Yanibar tales.

Author's summary

Time seems to fly for Sarth and Cassi Kraen. By 14 ABY, their son Akleyn is fully grown and a skilled doctor in his own right. Feeling a nostalgic leaning, Cassi journeys back to Bakura along with Akleyn and Sarth to visit her family. However, little do any of them know that fate will place Akleyn with a mysterious stranger, one who will change the way he views life and the Force.


He heard her start to yell something at him, felt his danger sense trigger in the Force. Akleyn whipped his head around just in time to see another rock shelf staring him straight in the face. He turned to the side and took the blow on his back instead of his head, but as fast as they were going, the impact knocked him out of the boat and into the water.

Immediately the undertow tried to pull him under even as he fought for the surface. All he could see was a mixture of swirling bubbles and currents of water flowing over him. A bright scattering of sunlight told him which way was up, the gleaming pinpricks like a hundred diamonds, but try as he could, Akleyn couldn’t reach up. The current was too strong. He tried to summon the Force to himself, to strengthen his limbs, but he couldn’t concentrate while being jostled and carried by the river. He felt himself sinking further and abandoned his attempt to use the Force for anything other than breath control, to try and purchase a few more precious seconds by stretching his oxygen supply. The water pounded away at him, eating at his strength even as he tried to claw his way back up.

Dramatis personae


Plot summary

While visiting family on Bakura, Sarth and Cassi Kraen, along with their son Akleyn, attend a gala for Bakura's elite. The attendees include Gaeriel Captison, the prime minister of Bakura, and numerous other socialites. Akleyn finds himself in the uncomfortable situation of being pursued by a garrulous young woman when he meets another woman named Callie, who recognizes his distress and helps deflect the socialite's unwanted attention. Shortly thereafter, a group of intruders attempts to disrupt the event, hurling paint at the dignitaries. Security quickly chases them down, while Sarth and Cassi assist in subduing one of them. During the struggle, one of the intruders falls and injures himself. A doctor by trade, Akleyn intervenes to provide emergency medical assistance. Noting this and his use of the Force, Callie asks him if he would be willing to help another group of refugees who have a sick person. Knowing that the Bakurans tend to be xenophobic, particularly towards Force sensitives, Akleyn agrees.

Leaving a note to tell Sarth and Cassi that he is fine, Akleyn journeys down river with Callie. During the journey, she reveals to him that she was once a Jedi Knight herself, but lost her ability to use the Force. Now, she is helping a small community of Sephi eke out an existence in a tiny refugee camp. She had been en route to seek medical assistance from the more-open-minded prime minister when the protesters had disrupted her plans. Akleyn arrives at the camp and, after examining the sick child, obtains permission to call Sarth and Cassi for help. They treat the child and then offer sanctuary on Yanibar to the Sephi. Noting that Callie is attempting to slip away, Akleyn finds her and learns that she feels destined to always be alone without the Force to help her. Akleyn offers to help with her condition and manages to make some progress in restoring her ability to use the Force. He also confesses his attraction to her and she reciprocates, agreeing to come to Yanibar with him.

Behind the scenes

Redemption’s Call was released in November 2009 as the tenth entry in the Yanibar Tales. At approximately 19,900 words long, it is above median length for the Yanibar Tales. Redemption’s Call is one of the several Yanibar Tales to be set after the original trilogy.[1]

Atarumaster88 had long desired to include the at-the-time forgotten canonical character of Callista Ming in Force Exile, dating back to the first drafts of the series. At the same time, he wanted to also write a story that heavily featured Akleyn Kraen, the son of Sarth and Cassi Kraen, who had thus far only had a small appearance in Deception on R'alla. In the original drafts, it was Sarth Kraen who became romantically involved with Callista prior to the introduction of Cassi. However, as Atarumaster88's idea for the series evolved and the character of Cassi was introduced, Callista faded from the forefront. Only later, after Force Exile III: Liberator did Atarumaster88 consider re-introducing her as a love interest for Sarth's son Akleyn.

Another area of emphasis for the story was to tie in the events of Crossroads to Callista's story arc, as well as continue to develop the differing views of the Force held by the new Jedi Order and the Force exiles. Atarumaster88 wanted to include Gaeriel Captison at least peripherally and so set the story on Bakura. Captison's willingness to assist the Sephi refugees covertly was seen as a natural development of the sympathies she had begun developing in the Truce at Bakura. Lastly, Redemption's Call allowed Atarumaster88 to introduced Cassi's parents and family, whom had only previously been alluded to.

While there were few complications with the writing process, in retrospect, Atarumaster88 considered Redemption's Call one of his weaker stories, hampered by stringing an action subplot onto what was primarily a romance. The fact that the later re-introduction of Callista in the Fate of the Jedi series also meant that in order to adhere to canon, any relationship between Akleyn and Callista would have to be temporary, or else Atarumaster88 would have to introduce the entity of Abeloth, Callista's killer, into the Force Exile Series, which he had no desire to do.


As is common in Force Exile stories, Atarumaster88 used a number of references to both canonical works and other media. The mention of possessive redheads is a reference to a line by Mara Jade Skywalker in Enemy Lines II: Rebel Stand. The reference to throwing paint is a nod to a flippant line spoken by Wes Janson Starfighters of Adumar. Numerous references to the events of Children of the Jedi, Darksaber, and Truce at Bakura are also included as befitting the inclusion of Callista and setting the story on Bakura. Callie's spoken dialogue of "It’s weak and my control is off" is similar to dialogue said by Jagged Fel in Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream.

Outside of canon, Callie's line of "Just don’t make a girl a promise if you know you can’t keep it" is a nod to Halo 3. Sarth's weak legs that pained him after running are a reference to the events of Force Exile IV: Guardian.

Recognition and Reception

Redemption's Call currently has no awards or featured work status.

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