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Redbound is a short story written by Mechalich. The story tells the story of a single violent thread in the great chaotic tapestry that is the Clone Wars.


When great civilizations war, smaller ones are caught in the path. Often they are swallowed whole, but sometimes they may get caught in the teeth.


Redbound is a breath action set piece, telling the story of Tactical Trooper Zhou Thike and the Bound Chancellor Aracya as they fight off a Separatist attack on their transport during the Clone Wars. It is a stand alone piece designed to present a high-impact, adrenalin filled sequence.

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Behind the Scenes

The character Aracya, her appearance, and to some degree her powers, take as inspiration, Archaya, an NPC character in the Playstation 2 Tactical RPG Eternal Poison.


Redbound was written as a stand alone project when the author got bored and was toying with some ideas regarding the Epicanthix. It was originally produced during the summer of 2008.


This work aims to not conflict with canon, as established by Lucasfilm, Ltd. The author does not seek to infringe on the copyrights established by Lucasfilm Ltd. All comments, which are encouraged, should be left on the author's talk page or on the short story's talk page. Also, edits to the story should be confined to spelling and grammar corrections. This work contains sci-fi action violence, and thematically mature scenes that may not be appropriate for children. User discretion is advised.

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