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An order similar to the Tumanji Order. They use both the Lightside and Darkside but are Darksiders more. They dress up in red armor and robes, and also use red sabers. They have a motto and it's 'Be civil.' They say 'Be civil' because they don't want people in the order to act like criminals, or see other humans and species as nothing and torture them, not go savage on them, or go too far.

The Red Star Order sometimes are lax, and sometimes are strict and kick people out of the group (which is why more join the Sith and Hej'sorai.) The Hej'sorai and Sith don't see them as enemies, but don't take them that seriously.

The Red Star Order are somewhat an old group. (I don't use 'BBY' and 'ABY' in my Universe and I still don't really get BBY and ABY in Star Wars.) (Even though I had some Original Canon references like 'Order 66', that didn't happen in this universe)

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