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The Red Barchetta was a Dynamic-class freighter used by Miranda Drim'n in the Volta Wars and later used by Echon Kenobi during the Conquest of the Death Watch.

History Edit

Creation Edit

After the Republic's defeat at Corellia in 2,279 BBY, Miranda Drim'n needed a ship to allow her and her team to reach the battlefield. Her friend and pilot, Liam Boorman, bought a Dynamic-class freighter and began to design a faster ship suitable enough for 2-5 people, slim enough to fly through canyons, trenches and tight spaces with ease, and contained an intricate defense system at the cost of a limited offense system. Once he was finished, he presented it to Miranda.

Proving Ground Edit

Mush to Miranda's enjoyment, the Red Barchetta was successful in transporting her to the battlefield quickly and easily. Due to its lightweight design, the Red Barchetta was able to outmaneuver the Volta's bulky and rather large ships, plus it was able to take some punishment when escaping from battle. At first it had only one offensive option; the main turret. But thanks to the skill of Mical Tarkin, it was enough to soften the enemy. Later on, Tarkin would install a Seismic Charge Launcher and soon after he replaced it with a Seismic Missile Launcher to deal more accurate damage.

In the battle over Coruscant, the turning point of the war, the Red Barchetta was able to escort Miranda to the Volta's capital ship, while the Liam and Mical attacked a ship planning to detonate an Electrical Nullifying Pulse on the planet. As they attacked the core, they realized the Red Barchetta could not destroy the core due to its weak main turret and it's overpowered Seismic Missiles; the turret was unable to penetrate the shield, and the Seismic Missiles would surely destroy them as well. After they retreated, they were forced to watch as Niaboc Grol flew his cruiser into the Volta's ship, killing himself and detonating the ENP on the Volta's main force, causing the Volta to retreat.

Storage Edit

After the Volta finally surrendered in 2,277 BBY, Miranda entrusted the Red Barchetta to Mical. Mical used it for sometime, until he decided to hide it away on his farm on Ansion in 2,273 BBY. Mical died without telling a soul about the Red Barchetta's location, leaving it to disappear into history.

Uncovered Edit

My uncle had a country place that no one knows about.
—Echon Kenobi

Centuries later, in 19 ABY, Echon Kenobi, after rescuing Aurea Hali fled to his uncle's home. During their time there, they uncovered the Red Barchetta. With some repairs, Echon was able to get the ship running. Soon after, the Death Watch attacked the planet, prompting the two to escape in the ship. They were chased down by two Death Watch cruisers once they left the planet and into an asteroid field. In a desperate move, Echon flew in between two large asteroids, forcing the cruisers to find a way around. By the time they reached the other side, Echon had made the jump to hyperspace.

The Red Barchetta became Echon and Aurea's home. After Echon had became a Jedi and took Aurea as his Apprentice,they rejoined the battle against the Death Watch.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • The Red Barchetta was named after the song of the same name by the Canadian band Rush.
  • Echon's encounter with the ship closely follows the lyrics of the song, with minor alterations.

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