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You are to be commended for this...Captain Drewton.
Jaric Mothell at the Battle of Muunilist[src]

Raymus Antilles Drewton was a recruited Captain and excellent pilot in the Clone Army during the last days of the Galactic Republic. He was born on Naboo, a year after the birth of his brother, Tarisian. His father, Drazil Drewton, was assassinated in 32 BBY on the Legacy. Raymus himself was nearly killed by the assassin, barely escaping with his brother by crash-landed via escape pod on Dantooine, which was being attacked by the Kaleesh as a result of Drazil's death. After the battle, they were brought back to their homeplanet by Jedi Master Idnum-Ki.

Almost ten years later, Raymus and Tarisian joined the Republic Peace Keepers and fought skirmishes against the Nockudumey Terrorists. A few months later, they fought in the Battle of Geonosis and became recruits in the Clone Army. Raymus was soon promoted to the rank of Captain by Jaric Mothell at the Battle of Muunilist, where his strategy saved the Republic from defeat. Though he denied it, he was considered brilliant by his superiors.

Months into the war, he and his brother were captured by the Nockudumey. During their captivity, it was revealed that an assassin named Mecupa had killed their father. After being rescued by Republic forces and returning to Coruscant, Drewton was given command of one of the first Venator-class Star Destroyers, which he named the Legacy after his father's ship. He assisted Dular, a Jedi who he had met on Dantooine ten years prior, in clearing his name when he was falsely accusing of treason.

At the time of Order 66, he was temporarily the Captain of the Tantive IV, the starship of Senator Bail Organa, under the guise of the prince of Alderaan.


Early life

Raymus Drewton was born in 42 BBY, a year after the birth of his brother Tarisian, on the peaceful planet of Naboo.[1] He was the son of Drazil and Liora Drewton, the former of which was a Senator of the Galactic Republic, the galactic government of the time.[6] By the time of 32 BBY, his mother had died.[1]

In 32 BBY, Raymus and Tarisian accompanied their father, Senator Drazil, on the Legacy when he was sent as an ambassador for the Galactic Republic by Supreme Chancellor Valorum to negotiate with the belligerent Kaleesh on Dantooine.[6]

Raymus on the Legacy.

When the Legacy had nearly reached the planet, a small freighter, seemingly abandoned, was picked up on the scanners. After a conversation with the Captain of the Legacy, Drazil decided to bring it into the hangar, confident that the security force could deal with it if it were a threat. When a scanning crew inspected the ship, it was reported that one of the security officers was missing, confirming that there had been someone on the ship.[6]

Captain Elcken ordered Drazil to go to his quarters, where he would be guarded, but he tarried on the way, and did not return to his quarters. Hearing an alert over the holospeakers from the Captain, Tarisian and Raymus were curious of what was happening at the time and entered the bridge, which was littered with dead bodies all killed by the unknown assassin. They realized what had happened and became determined to escape the ship alive. Before they left the bridge, Raymus seemed to know that his father had died at the moment of his death. Tarisian, however, was unable to believe it—and did not want to believe it. They quickly decided to discuss it later and escaped the Legacy, now controlled by the assassin, via an escape pod, crash-landing on Dantooine.[6] Any other survivors of the attack who attempted to escape were shot down by the guns of the starship.[7]

Once landing, Raymus and his brother sought help at Khoonda, the autonomous government of the world which was inhabited mostly by farmers. However, though Jedi Master Idnum-Ki recognized they, due to them being the sons of a Senator, he and the leader of Khoonda were unable to help them because the Kaleesh had begun an attack on Dantooine, a consequence of Drazil Drewton's "delay". Not long into the battle, Khoonda was raided, and Raymus and Tarisian were captured by the bounty hunter Jango Fett.[7]

The two were taken to a crystal cave, guarded by a Rodian and a Trandoshan. Tarisian, who had seemingly been unconscious, took a blaster pistol from a dead Republic soldier and blasted the two guards with it. Dular, the Jedi Padawan of Idnum-Ki, heard the blaster shot and soon appeared. With his help, Raymus and Tarisian escaped the cave, though not before being confronted by Idnum-Ki, who claimed that he had foreseen that the fates of Raymus, Tarisian, and Dular would be linked.[8]

What immediately followed is unknown, but at some time they were rescued by Idnum-Ki and taken back to their homeworld, Naboo. Idnum-Ki left them in Theed,[9] and the two brothers stay on Naboo for years.[2]

Terrorists on Mithus

The terrorists have made no answer to the Chancellor's speech on the HoloNet, and the deadline has met its end. We are forced to make our move.
Governor Tarkin[src]

Raymus and Tarisian left Naboo around the time of 23 BBY to join the Republic Peace Keepers. Early the next year, a terrorist group called the Nockudumey had caused a disturbance in the Senate after making public threats to assassinate Supreme Chancellor Palpatine. Worried if they would actually do as they said, the Republic had made attempts—which were unsuccessful—to question the leader of the terrorists, a Rodian named Bodotor Thuvat. Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, unaware of the location of the terrorist organization, made a statement on the HoloNet concerning the Nockudumey, hoping that they would be watching so the Republic could gain some sort of reply. The terrorists, however, did not respond and the Republic was forced to take action against them.[2]

Kyle Krenis, a friend of Tarisian, had located the terrorist base on Mithus, and a group of Peace Keepers which included Tarisian, Raymus, and Kyle were sent to the cold, snowy planet. Once they had landed on the surface, Tarisian, who was commanding the group, ordered Raymus to stay with the Republic Gunship Purveyor until contacted.[2]

Raymus in the underlevels of Coruscant.

Upon setting foot on Mithus, the Peace Keepers were ambushed by the terrorists. They fought against each other, and Tarisian was attacked by Bodotor Thuvat and Dem Nozah. He was defeated by Thuvat, but when he was to be killed by him, Tarisian silently contacted Raymus via comlink. Forced to ignore the rest of the massive battle, Raymus arrived in the gunship and blasted one of the terrorists, a Twi'lek named Konot'tak Malus, into oblivion. He next attempted to blast Thuvat and Dem Nozah, but after the explosion caused by the Purveyor's turrets, their bodies could not be found.[2]

Coruscant underlevel search

Palpatine claims to have information on a Nockudumey hideout in the Tunonel District.
—Tarisian Drewton[src]

Drewton had been involved in skirmishes after that, but nothing as large as the scale of the battle of Mithus. One skirmish that had the potential to come close to it was the search for the Nockudumey in an occupied warehouse in the underlevels of Coruscant, which was once again commanded by his brother and Kyle Krenis. They were reunited with and assisted by Idnum-Ki, the Jedi Master who had saved them on Dantooine.[10]

In the Tunonel District, the Jedi was able to get the Peace Keepers through the entrance of the warehouse with merely a simple mind trick. Once inside, the group decided to split up: one with Raymus, Tarisian, and Idnum-Ki; and the other with Kyle Krenis, a Wookiee, and an unidentified Human.[10]

Further into the warehouse, Drewton's group found a toxin that could destroy an entire city, and it was suspected that it would be used against Coruscant by the terrorists. Before they could contact the Supreme Chancellor, however, the group was fired upon by battle droids supplied by the Trade Federation.[10]

Meanwhile, Kyle Krenis found Bodotor Thuvat and Dem Nozah, the Nockudumey leaders. Before they could react, Count Dooku came from the shadows and blasted Krenis with Force lightning, which sent the Peace Keeper unconscious. Thuvat, with Dooku's advice, ordered a retreat from the base.[10]

Battle of Geonosis

It's a mess we didn't make!
—Raymus Drewton, sarcastically[src]

After Obi-Wan Kenobi had discovered the secret Clone Army on Kamino, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine was granted emergency powers so the Republic could use the Clones against the Separatists, who had committing an act of war.[11]

In the Geonosis Execution Arena, Jedi Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Senator Padmé Amidala were set to be executed. Before they could be killed, Republic Gunships, included the Purveyor piloted by Raymus, with clone troopers from Kamino landed in the arena to help the prisoners and Jedi escape. Idnum-Ki had boarded Purveyor, and when all the Jedi in the arena had boarded the gunships, they flew away from the arena, but not fully from the battle.[11]

Raymus in clone armor on Kamino.

Due to heavy losses, the battle was not going well for the Separatists. The Separatist leaders decided to flee the planet, and Count Dooku prepared to leave for Coruscant to bring plans for an ultimate weapon back to his Sith Master, Darth Sidious. To stop the evacuating Separatist Leaders, the Peace Keepers and clone troopers were sent to the catacombs of Geonosis. However, their attempts were in vain. They found a sign further into the undergrounds that they were too late to stop the Separatist evacuations: a Jedi body. Strangely, however, a mark by a lightsaber blade was found on the dead Jedi, and the Sith Lord Count Dooku would have escaped already at the time of the Jedi's death.[11]

First campaigns

I'm going to be both a soldier and a pilot. I'll pilot gunships but be on the ground when I want to.
—Raymus Drewton to Tarisian Drewton[src]

The conflict of the Clone Army against the Separatists was no longer exclusive to the planet Geonosis. While the Republic reclaimed various Separatist worlds, other worlds agreed to join Count Dooku, making the list of Separatist planets no shorter. Tarisian, Raymus, and other Peace Keeper officers included Kyle Krenis were transferred into the Clone Army. Raymus became a pilot, and his brother became a lieutenant. During their brief training, Krenis introduced the Drewtons to clone commander CC-2582, also called Tornac.[4]

Their first mission as official troopers in the army was to assault droid factories on Getato, where they were once again reunited with Idnum-Ki, and this time, also with his Padawan, Dular. The Republic forces landed in the shield generator control room of the droid factories on Getato, and their arrival was a surprise to the Separatists. The clones and the two Jedi easily defeated the few droids guarding the generator control, and soon only a Trandoshan remained, armed with an electrostaff. Idnum-Ki and Dular fought him, and the skirmish worked as a distraction for Tarisian, who blasted him in the back, killing him. The Republic forces then used an astromech droid to disable the shield generator, followed by the destruction of the factories.[4]

A few weeks later, the Separatists attacked the cloning facilities of Kamino. With Tarisian and Raymus Drewton and Kyle Krenis inside it, the Purveyor crashed onto a landing platform, barely making it. The battle was not going well for the Republic. The tide turned, however, when the ARC Troopers, elite clone troopers, were activated, and he Republic began to win the battle.[12]

During the battle, a squad of ARCs with Tarisian, Raymus, and Kyle found a Mandalorian named Daklif Ordo, fighting a group of Separatist droids alone. The clone troopers finished what remained of the droid group. Ordo, whose face was covered by a helmet, told them that he was not actually a clone, or even part of the Clone Army, but that he fought for the Republic because a Separatist Commander wanted to wipe out all of the remaining Mandalorians.[12]

The ARC Commander told him that he would let him do as he wanted, but sent the Drewtons with him to make sure he was not working for the Separatists. Daklif then entered the apartment room of Jango Fett and took an item that he told Raymus was "only a diary".[12]

Raymus piloting a Republic gunship.

Eventually, the Republic won the battle, though barely.[12] Daklif Ordo was taken into custody, but later interrogated and freed by Kyle Krenis.[13]

On Gukvrak, following a recent battle, clone troopers under Tarisian's command found a holocron. Tarisian faced the decision of giving it to Chancellor Palpatine or the Jedi Council. To Raymus's dismay, he chose Palpatine, and so Raymus himself reported the discovery to a Jedi Knight named Obi-Wan Kenobi. Both promised to not say anything about it to anyone.[13]

When Raymus was waiting for Tarisian during an appointment with the Chancellor, while looking around, he found Governor Tarkin and Kyle Krenis speaking to the hologram of a near-Human with no visible pupils. He did not stay to listen to their words, however, in fear of being seen.[13]

Not long after, the Drewtons, as well as Kyle Krenis, Idnum-Ki, Dular, Commander Tornac, and Anakin Skywalker, were sent to Sriran to destroy a huge Separatist base called Delta Station. Only a few clones had been sent, with the rest of the reinforcements prepared to come later in the battle.[14]

Drewton was part of a surprise attack sent to bomb the base. The reinforcements then arrived and the battle became chaotic when the eleven thousand battle droids in the station fought back while Idnum-Ki and his apprentice, Dular, infiltrated the base to destroy it from the inside. When the two Jedi were able to destroy the station, a gunship piloted by Raymus arrived as their escape route. As they boarded it, Delta Station became only rubble and debris.[14]

Promotion to the rank of captain

Very good, pilot. You are to be commended for this...Captain Drewton.
Jaric Mothell to Raymus

Raymus was present on an Acclamator I-class assault ship during the Battle of Muunilinst. The battle above the planet had been going well, but Commander Anakin Skywalker had left the entire battle simply to dogfight a single ship. A Republic squadron had already been defeated, and Admiral Jaric Mothell and Captain Ayronn Carter were resigned to defeat.[5]

However, Drewton presented a flaw in the droid fighters: they were remotely controlled. The command signal used a rolling encryption. With so many fighters requiring signals, the rotation had to be a limited one. There were only three separate encryption patterns for each squadron. He claimed that they only needed to record the version the droid fighters would be expecting next, then broadcast it to them with enough power to override whatever their masters in the battleships were trying to send.[5]

Mothell and Carter both thought it was an excellent idea, and seemed surprised that it had even been thought of. The former ordered an officer on the bridge to broadcast a signal to the droid fighters as Drewton had said, and the attempt succeeded, making the ships fly away from the battle.[5]

Pleased with the sudden victory, Admiral Mothell promoted Drewton to the rank of captain. Raymus was extremely surprised, as he had never expected to rise in the ranks before, and could merely say "thank you" to the admiral.[5]

Raymus being tortured by Mecupa.

Captured by the Nockudumey

This is pointless. If you think I will reveal anything, I will not. If this goes on for much longer I won't remember anything.
—Raymus while being tortured by Mecupa[src]

Sometime after, the Drewtons were captured by the Nockudumey Terrorists. Both of them were told separately by Nockudumey leader Bodotor Thuvat that the Nockudumey was not actually intended to be a terrorist organization by its founder, Revan, and that he himself was not a terrorist, unlike almost everyone else in the organization.[15]

When Thuvat left Raymus, a terrorist named Mecupa entered the room and told him that he had killed his father, Drazil Drewton.[16] Then, against Thuvat's orders, he tortured Raymus. To Raymus's confusion, the terrorist claimed that he was not trying to get information from him, but that he was helping to defeat Bodotor Thuvat by his "sacrifice". Raymus was tortured to the point of unconsciousness.[15]

Soon after, Drewton was freed by Daklif Ordo, the Mandalorian who he had met on Kamino and who was seemingly part of the Nockudumey himself. When they came to free Tarisian, they found that he was in a rage and wanting revenge for Drazil's death. Raymus, in contrast, said that the revelation made no difference to him because Drazil hadn't "died again". Tarisian was shocked to hear Raymus's more apathetic reaction to Mecupa's revelation, and told him that Mecupa had to die. Before Raymus could reply, Ordo interrupted, saying that they must assist Thuvat.[16]

When Ordo and the Drewtons arrived in the hall where Bodotor had been speaking, the large room had turned into a firestorm. A battle had started between terrorists for Bodotor and those who were against Bodotor. Tarisian and Raymus assisted the Nockudumey who were fighting against Mecupa, and eventually, the battle was interrupted by the arrival of Republic gunships, bringing Dular and several other clone troopers with them. Mecupa ordered what remained of the terrorists who were present to retreat.[16]

The Drewtons along with the captive Bodotor Thuvat were then brought back to Coruscant by Dular, where they were greeted by Kyle Krenis. Unlike Tarisian, Raymus did not believe that Thuvat was truly innocent as he had claimed.[17]

Assisting a fugitive

Raymus on the Legacy.

I shouldn’t be doing this, but I am. Just be aware that if Thuvat was lying…there’s nothing I can do to help you.
—Raymus Drewton to Dular[src]

Work on Venator-class Star Destroyers had recently been completed, and Captain Drewton was one of the first to command one, which he named the Legacy after his father's ship. On the ship's bridge he had the first chance to speak with his brother, Tarisian, in months. The lieutenant blamed Raymus for a recent defeat and expressed his anger over his decision to name the Star Destroyer after their father's ship, and the discussion turned into a heated argument between the two, ending when Tarisian left the vessel.[18]

Soon after, Drewton watched Chancellor Palpatine announcing Dular, who he had known since Dantooine, to have assisted the former terrorist leader Bodotor Thuvat escape on the HoloNet. Raymus, who had not believed Thuvat's claims that he was only acting as a terrorist, was unable to comprehend such a thing, and ordered all on the Legacy to not simply assume that the Jedi was guilty until further evidence was presented.[18]

Though they had followed his orders—or had attempted to—Dular himself had boarded the vessel via a Republic shuttle and was brought to Drewton. To Raymus's surprised, Dular confirmed that he had helped Thuvat escape Republic prison, but it was due to being told of his allegiance by Tarisian, not being a traitor. Though Raymus said what he had done was "damned foolish", he agreed to assist Dular in clearing his name and finding evidence to Thuvat's claims which he himself did not believe.[18]

In the service of Bail Organa

Nice work, Captain. I owe you one.
—Bail Organa[src]

At the time of Order 66, Raymus was temporarily in the service of Senator Bail Organa on the Tantive IV, under the guise of an Alderaan prince named Raymus Antilles. Following the transmission of Order 66, Captain "Antilles" recovered a Jedi homing beacon from the ruined Jedi Temple, encountering opposition from clone troopers of the 501st Legion in the process. The beacon helped Bail Organa locate Jedi Masters Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda. Drewton transported the Jedi back to Coruscant, and later ferried the weary Masters to the medical center of Polis Massa.[19]

When Bail returned to Alderaan aboard the Tantive IV, it was in the company of the droids R2-D2 and C-3PO, as well as Bail's newly-adopted child, Leia. To preserve the truth of the girl's parentage, Bail ordered Drewton to have C-3PO's memory wiped, though R2-D2 managed to avoid this fate.[19]

There were false rumors in 0 BBY that Raymus, still under the guise of Captain Antilles, had died at the hands of Darth Vader. It had actually been another Captain named Colton Antilles that had died.[20]

Personality and traits

I trust the Chancellor, Ganlis. I simply do not trust his sources, and I will not have an innocent Jedi being killed. I value each of your lives the same way.
—Raymus Drewton[src]

Raymus Drewton always had a sense of humor, even during the Clone Wars. On Geonosis, he said in both a surprised and sarcastic voice that the battle was "a mess he didn't make". During the battle on Getato, he commented to his brother that he would be getting specialized armor when he got back to Coruscant so that he would be more recognizable.[4]

However, he could also have a much more serious attitude at times. On Sriran, he lamented over what had happened in his life, including his parents' death.[14] When told that Mecupa had killed his father, Tarisian wanted to avenge him and kill the assassin, but to Raymus, it made no difference, as the deed had already been done.[16]

Opposite to his brother, Raymus had a high trust for the Jedi and was suspicious of Palpatine. When Tarisian chose to give a holocron to the Chancellor instead of the Jedi Council, Raymus still informed a Jedi Knight named Obi-Wan Kenobi of the holocron.[13]

Upon being made Captain, Raymus became more stern and serious about his duties. He told his crewmembers on the Legacy of how much he valued each of their lives. However, his more serious attitude did not mean complete obedience to orders; he went against orders from the Chancellor himself, thinking his sources to be wrong, and assisted the "traitor" Dular in clearing his name.[18]

After being captured by the Nockudumey and returning to Coruscant, Raymus had a heated argument with Tarisian, who expressed his disapproval over naming a Star Destroyer after their father.[18]

Talents and abilities

Rising through the ranks already.
—Tarisian Drewton[src]

Drewton was an excellent pilot and, at times, considered by his superiors to be a brilliant strategist, as demonstrated at the Battle of Muunilist when he saved the Republic from defeat through understanding of the Separatist droid fighters.[5] He was also talented as an ordinary soldier,[4] though he did not participate in such combat often, especially after his promotion to captain during the Clone Wars.[5]

As a Captain, Raymus had great charismatic talent when dealing with his officers, telling them how he valued each of their lives.[18]

In 32 BBY, Drewton seemed to know that his father had died at the exact moment when it had actually happened. It is possible that he had a connection to the Force.[6]

Behind the scenes

Raymus Antilles in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.


Raymus Drewton was created by Andrew Barton in 2005 and is a major character in Star Wars: The Drewton Legacy. In a live action Drewton Legacy movie, Andrew Barton has said, Raymus would be portrayed by actor Christian Bale.[21] The character was voiced by Bale in the webseries Star Wars: Battlefront.

When Raymus, named Larry at the time, first took his helmet off in Chronicles of a Rebellion, he was portrayed by Han Solo. In The Drewton Legacy, as a child, he was portrayed by Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings, and by Raymus Antilles as an adult. When the first four Drewton Legacy chapters were redone, after the first chapter, he was portrayed as a child by Edmund Pevensie from Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.[21]

His name was changed from Larry Drewton to Raymus Antilles Drewton in 2008, which also retconned him as Raymus Antilles from Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Despite canon sources, the author of The Drewton Legacy does not consider Raymus to be the same Antilles that died on the Tantive IV in A New Hope. Drewton was only decided to be the last name of Raymus, Larry at the time, in pre-production for Legacy. Originally in the series, it was going to be Andbar.[21]

In the 2005 photonovel, Chronicles of a Rebellion, when attacking an Imperial officer, Raymus claimed that he had "killed his father". That is, of course, not true, as the true killer of Drazil Drewton was Mecupa and even at the time it had only been intended to be a reference to a line in The Princess Bride. In the same series, which is non-canonical, he was merely an AT-RT driver.[21]

In the original first four chapters of The Drewton Legacy, Raymus and Tarisian had been castaways on Dantooine for years. In the redone chapters, they are only "castaways" on the planet for a few days.[21]

On the Yakface Forums, forum member Jedi_knight_Cenvax asked Barton of what the fate of Raymus would be. Barton replied that he "can't say yet, but it may surprise you".[22]

Cut content

Chronicles of a Rebellion

Originally author Andrew Barton was planning to make The Drewton Legacy a prequel to Chronicles of a Rebellion, but upon realizing what he felt was the ridiculousness of the story, he declared it non-canon.

Commander Bob; Lieutenant Burt; and Larry, an AT-RT Driver; were sent to assist Idnum-Ki on Xagobah. Unfortunately for the Jedi, Palpatine contact Commander Bob and told him to execute Order 66. The clones were forced to comply. Idnum-Ki, who had suspected the betrayal through the Force, Force-pushed Burt into a wall, slashed Larry across the shoulder, and removed Bob's hands.[23]

Shortly after, the Republic was reformed into a Galactic Empire, Burt and the other clone troopers were taken to an Imperial medical facility. They were healed, but the doctors accidentally removed the device that made them completely docile to their orders. They were no longer bound by the commands of Emperor Palpatine. When protecting a Jedi 'criminal' who had survived Order 66, they were taken into custody on a Star Destroyer.[23]

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Idnum-Ki, and a smuggler named Tumsun soon arrived and freed them. However, after battling with several stormtroopers, all of them except Idnum and Larry were once again captured once again. On the bridge of the Star Destroyer, they were interrogated by Mas Amedda and Governor Tarkin. Idnum-Ki arrived, however, and gave Obi-Wan a lightsaber. The two Jedi fought against more of the stormtroopers, and then all of them proceeded to the escape pods.[23]

They were next confronted by someone completely unexpected: Darth Maul, who had been defeated by Obi-Wan in the Battle of Naboo. While Idnum and Obi-Wan dueled Darth Maul, Burt and the others fought against several Stormtroopers.[23]

After Maul and the stormtroopers were defeated, the party departed the Star Destroyer via escape pod. Once on the world below, Tatooine, Kenobi announced that he must leave, and told Idnum to take care of the others. What was to come of Raymus—or Larry—is unknown.[23]

The Drewton Legacy

These are from the cut chapters of The Drewton Legacy contained in The Drewton Legacy: The Untold Tales.

Once on the planet, they found no one that would help them, and so became castaways, unable to leave. One day, Tarisian and Raymus decided to split up to look for shelter, but were captured by an alien of an unknown species.[1] After waking from unconsciousness, they found themselves in a cave. They used various tools to escape, an escape which was successful.[24]

Later that day, at night, a small ship came down near where they are standing. A Jedi Master named Idnum-Ki emerged, saying that he had been sent to rescue them. Besides a skirmish with a kath hound, the Drewtons left Dantooine safely in the Jedi Master's ship.[25]


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