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Rawse Varta's husband was a man who got married to Senator Rawse Varta and died together with her in the Hosnian Cataclysm in 34 ABY.


The man was born a human baby, and at some point of his life he met, fell in love, and finally married Senator Rawse Varta.

In 34 ABY, when the title of chancellor had been held by Lanever Villecham for two years, the Tarunt seemed to ignore the First Order's existence, preferring to focus on improving trade relationships with other words. For this purpose General Leia Organa, in charge of the Resistance formed against the First Order, sent Colonel Korr Sella to Hosnian Prime, the country's current capital, who was planned to introduce to the Senate the final proof for the First Order's violence, which could bring the final proof for their true intentions by attacking Tuanul. While the husband was standing on a balcony, and when the negotiations were being carried out, involving senators such as the Chancellor Lanever Villecham and the former chancellor Grewpsha, the First Order chose to activate their new superweapon, known as the Starkiller Base. Upon Admiral Armitage Hux's command, a read beam powered with a star energy was fired from the station and, upon crossing the galaxy, crashed into the Hosnian System and consequently caused the New Republic to end. A moment prior to her death in the destruction of the planet, the hopeless Rawse Varta impolitely pushed through the crowd to watch the read energy beam incoming keeping her mouth open wide. Her husband, in turn, who was standing in sight of her, caught her hands to join her in bawling.

Behind the scenes

In Polish Rawse Varta's husband would be expressed as Mąż Rawse Varty, which is pronounced the same way as a man that is open wide – mąż rozwarty.

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