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Rawse Varta was a Member of Parliament holding a seat in the New Republic Senate and Commissioner for Social and Cultural Affairs in Grewpsha's cabinet. In 22 ABY, the woman was imprisoned by the Galactic Minority, which gained control over the planet of Hosnian Prime, and personally interrogated by President Uahoo. She died in 34 ABY in the Cataclysm of Hosnian Prime, executed by the First Order forces.


Early life

Born to a human family, Rawse Varta entered politics at one point of her life, commencing her service to the New Republic government as a senator. While Grewpsha assumed the office of Chancellor, Rawse Varta became part of her cabinet as Commissioner for Social and Cultural Policy, which Lanever Villecham envied her himself. Her position, however, was only assigned for the old times' sake.

At another point, Rawse Varta fell in love with a certain man, soon becoming married to him.

Neimoidian War

Under presidency of Uahoo, a user of the dark side of the Force, and Admiral Prewt, the movement known as the Galactic Minority invaded Hosnian Prime and take control over it, making the high command go into exile. In addition to some other politicians, Rawse Varta left on the planet, being locked down in the Galactic Senate complex.

In his presence on Hosnian Prime, Uahoo strove to unravel the mystery of the obsidian ring. Overwhelmed in curiousness, the man ordered that the Commissioner for Cultural Affairs be brought over, having considered her to be the best person to ask for advice. Rawse Varta was soon moved over to the Throne Hall and secured to a blue stream, so that she floated over a specific round stand. One day, upon his entry to the chamber, the Tusken approached the throne with his hands folded back, slightly leaning forward. Prior to the moment that he took a seat, Rawse Varta kept on screaming out load, releasing an irritating, resonant, high sound. The angle at which her mouth was open appeared so wide that the dark side user felt afraid that it could burst in the corners.

The man welcomed Rawse Varta, using her position of commissioner as the form of address. Carefully as he skirted her eye contact, the Tusken asked the woman whether she realized for what he needed her. With the elder continuing screaming, Uahoo felt extremely nervous, though rather than displaying his strong emotions, the mask which he wore obscure them. Proceeding his speech, he admitted needing to activate a certain artifact and considering the woman to be the best person to search for advice, as the office that she held should easily make her figure out the matter. The man gracefully took the ring off his middle finger and went closer to the woman. In the face of that, the elder put her scream on hold, which Uahoo referred to as some kind of progress.

Hosnian cataclysm and death

Lanever and stuff

Villecham, Sella, Grewpsha, and Varta a moment prior to the explosion.

In 34 ABY, when Lanever Villecham had been holding the Chancellor office for two years, the man seemed to ignore the First Order's existence, preferring to focus on improving good trade relationships with other worlds. For this purpose Leia Organa, who was heading the Resistance, a military movement appointed against the First Order, sent Colonel Korr Sella to him to inform the Senate of the eventual proof for the First Order's hostility, which revealed their real intention in the Attack on Tuanul. When the negotiations featuring Chancellor Lanever Villecham and the former chancellor Grewpsha were being carried out, the First Order decided to reveal their superweapon, known as the Starkiller Base. On General Armitage Hux's comman, the read bean that was loaded with a star energy was fired from the station and it soon moved across the galaxy to finally crash into the Hosnian System and consequently end the New Republic's existence. A moment prior to her death in the planet's destruction, hopeless and fearful Rawse Varta impolitely pushed through the crowd to watch the read beam incoming, shouting and keeping her mouth open widely. Her husband, in turn, who was standing near, caught her hands to bawl together.


Rawse Varta was a socially-sensitive woman. However, she did not possess good manners. Consequently, the senator was known to impolitely push through crowds so long as she could reach the destination. The politician was commonly believed to look down on people and sometimes believed to be bossy, willing to take the first place wherever she was. She had a loud voice, and whenever she shouted, she kept her mouth open widely.

Behind the scenes

Rawse Varta debuted in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), directed by J.J. Abrams. More closely details of her biography, in turn, were shared in a Polish fanon series by Mustafar29.

Considering the r-sound is not avoided as in British English, in Polish the name "Rawse Varta" is pronounced in the same way as a certain noun which refers to keeping a surface open widely, which is referring to the woman's custom of opening her mouth widely when shouting.

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