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Do not underestimate General Striker, he is not the typical Imperial officer, he is brutal, efficient, extremely powerful in the Force, and has no qualms with butchering innocents to draw us out. While Vader our Sith hunter, Striker is the Imperial that hunts our kind.
— Jedi Master Tizpani briefs survivors of the Jedi Purge on Striker

Raviston Meji, later going by the nickname Striker, was an Army General and unofficial member of the Inquisitorius during the reign of the Galactic Empire. Born in 55 BBY on Mon Cala, Raviston was the elder of two children born to Garu and Kasha Meji, the other was born ten years later in 45 BBY. When Raviston was eleven, and his brother was barely a year old, the two children were sent away by their parents due to poverty and food shortages of the planet. Raviston's younger brother, Senu, was sent to the Jedi Temple to eventually be trained in the ways of the Force, while Raviston was given to his uncle on Corulag. From that moment, Raviston Meji saw his Uncle Maragon, who was a military engineer and staunch Republic supporter, as his father. Once he was of age, Raviston was enrolled in the Carida Academy , which was considered to be one of the most prestigious military academies in Republic.

Soon after his graduation, the Clone Wars erupted, and Meji was commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Grand Army of the Republic. He served with distinction in several ground and space battles during the war, and received many medals for bravery and valor, including the Republic Medallion of Honor for his service at the Battle of Boz Pity. During the Battle of Talamo, Raviston was severely injured when a combat walker he commanded was hit by Separatist artillery. Although he was eventually rescued from behind enemy lines by a Jedi strike team, the concussion he sustained during the attack caused him severe memory loss that affected much of his memory of his parents and brother. Despite his wounds, Meji would return to the front lines during the first half of the Clone Wars, eager to bring the fight to the Separatist Alliance. During this period of time, he would be tasked with conducting counter-insurgent and espionage missions for Republic Intelligence. In this capacity he was given the operational code name of "Striker", which he would eventually adopt in place of his true name.

After the Clone Wars, Meji quickly rose to a position of power in the newly formed Galactic Empire, his previous service in the Republic military, and in particular his handling of several delicate situations while working for Republic Intelligence, made him stand out to the new Emperor of the Galaxy, Palpatine. Within a decade, Raviston Meji was promoted to the rank of General of the Imperial Army by the Emperor, primarily for his battlefield efficiency against several minor rebel cells and his writing of operation manuals about tactics regarding engaging, capturing, and killing of force-sensitives. In addition to this new rank, the Emperor also awarded Meji the new Imperial Medal of Valor and command of the Star Destroyer Phantom. Within the first two years of his command of the Phantom, he first discovered a deep, but buried, connection to the force while in the presence of the Emperor's apprentice, Darth Vader. The Dark Lord noticed this, and took an interest in the General, unofficially inducting him into the ranks of the Imperial Inquisitors. Despite his entrance into the ranks of the Inquisitorius, he was not given a traditional "brother" number due to his affiliation with the Imperial armed forces. Vader eventually saw Meji as one of the most effective instruments of both the Order of Inquisitors and the Imperial military, acknowledging his talents on multiple occasions.

As a member of both the Imperial Army and the Inquisitors, Meji was uniquely situaited to handle Jedi and force-sensitive targets better than his military counterparts. Throughout his career, his targets included several notable Jedi fugitives; Keisha Farlander and Kai Darklighter, Farlander's apprentice Lena Arano, as well as Laothin Kendari, a rogue Jedi considered to be a legend in the Jar'Kai lightsaber form. Perhaps the most notorious of General Striker's actions during the Galactic Civil War was a coordinated targeting of Corellia, which he engaged in after his induction into the Inqusitorius. In an attempt to lure out Jedi by creating a wound in the Force , Striker was given authority by Vader to bomb a high density civilian target in around the outskirts of the capital city of Coronet. In order to make the incident seem as an accident to the Imperial Senate, Striker used escape pods from his ship shot out at a higher than normal velocity; shooting out nearly half of all the escape pods on his command vessel towards the city from high orbit. This action was labeled by the Imperial government and its Corellian allies as an accidental malfunction by a prototype emergency medical ship; the reality was that nearly two hundred thousand were killed or seriously wounded by the attack. While the Imperial record commended Striker for quick action that prevented more lives from being lost, the General gained a nickname as a result of the incident within resistance cells of the growing Alliance and Jedi survivors, the Butcher of Corellia. After the bombardment of Corellia, he became the first man to be awarded the title "Hero of the Empire", as well as a personal commendation from the Emperor himself.

Although he was present at the test firing of the Death Star over the world of Jedha, Raviston Meji was unable to stay the entire event, as the attack had adverse affects on him due to his heightened force sensitivity. General Striker would nearly lose his life at the hands of a cadre of Jedi who had survived Order 66, and had reclused themselves from most of the Galaxy, these Jedi had faced Meji before, and left him grievously injured after a serious duel. Despite almost dying, Meji had captured one of the group to be handed over to the Inqusitorius for interrogation and possible induction, however, this indcident left him in a coma for nearly four months. When he awoke, he was given the news of the destruction of the Death Star by Rebel forces, as well as the deaths of many senior officers. He believed himself to be up for promotion to head of the Imperial Army,  but he soon found out that the holder of that rank, Cassio Tagge, was still alive. While Tagge was given the rank of Grand General, Striker was assigned to Vader's keep on Mustafar, in order to continue his training.  After Tagge was executed by Vader, Striker was given provisional command of the Imperial Army, until Vader was given the position by the Emperor. At the time of the Battle of Hoth, Striker was a military attache, still with the rank of General, posted with the Chiss, with whom he negotiated trade deals. During one excursion to the Chiss capitol, he met another Imperial, a Commander by the name of Eli Vanto, who told him of his work with another high ranking Imperial, Grand Admiral Thrawn, who had gone missing before the Battle of Yavin. Despite his position in Chiss space, Striker would continue to investigate and actively engage Jedi targets within the Unknown Regions of space.

With the Battle of Endor came chaos throughout the Empire, Striker's fleet, which had become a conglomeration of Imperial light cruisers, Chiss warships, and some Mandalorian mercenaries, arrived too late to provide much reinforcement. With a new power struggle brewing between the emerging major warlords of the Empire, General Striker chose to prematurely flee back into Chiss space, which would help him evade the eye of the New Empire under Rae Sloane and Gallius Rax . It was around this time that Striker finally learnt of his previously unknown heritage,as a member of the Meji family of Mon Cala, not of Corulag. He also found out that he had a brother, a man who he had ran into previous times during the Clone Wars, and a man who the Jedi Order considered to be a primary authority on double-bladed Lightsaber combat, the Jedi Master Senu Meji. By choosing self-imposed exile over continued fighting, Raviston Meji survived the collapse of the Empire and the formation of a New Republic. He did not return to the known galaxy until nearly fifteen years after the Battle of Jakku, in order to investigate rumors swirling around the Chiss government about a revived Empire known as the First Order, forming on the opposite side of the Unknown regions. Raviston was able to negotiate Chiss assistance in reforming his original strike force; his flagship was repaired and upgraded, several senior Chiss military officials joined his ranks, and the Chiss Intelligence branch told him of several planets ripe with mystery and potential power. One such planet was Rakata Prime, a planet his brother had ventured to in the weeks after the Jedi Purge, which was rumored to be the capital of a legendary star empire thousands of years previous. On Rakata Prime, Striker found facilities to restore the ranks of his personal guard, the Elites, as well as other weapons. As he continued to scour the Unknown regions for profit and knowledge, he began to engage the outlying units of the First Order in combat. This lead to a meeting to establish General Striker as a neutral player in the eyes of the mysterious leader of the First Order, Supreme Leader Snoke . With neutrality settled between Striker and the First Order, the General was able to freely travel the regions held by the successor state to the Empire. His expeditions would lead him to run into his long lost brother's son, a young major in the Onderonian military named Jargon Meji, which spurred him to begin creating a plan concerning how his forces would be divided up after his eventual death.

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