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Rattoine was a glacial planet located in the galaxy in the New Republic authority.


Rattoine had formed prior to the New Republic era. In 10 ABY it was made use of by the government to serve as an area for celebration of Ben Solo's fifth birthday, the son of Han Solo and Leia Organa. During the celebration, however, citizens of the democratic country were attacked by Jar Jar's Empire, Shmi Skywalker was in charge of which. Her cruiser named Shmi's Eyes released a beam aimed at Chancellor Mon Mothma, which costed her her life. The other victims of the attack were Katarzyna, the Skywalkers' housemaid, whom Ben Solo sliced into pieces using his lightsaber, and Leia Windu, whose heart was stuck through by the rebellious Jar Jar Binks.

After half a year the newly elected Chancellor of the Republic, Lanever Villecham, fell in love with Padme Kenobi. Regardless, the woman did not reflect his feelings. The man, however, learned from Ben Solo about Leia Windu, who died upon Rattoine. Both beings succeeded to grab the reviving elixir, whose properties could bring back the woman to life.

Soon after they both found themselves on the surface of Rattoine and headed straight for the cave Leia was last seen inside. Upon finding the woman's body, they spilled with the elixir over her, which resulted in the woman being brought back to life. As they left the cave, Ben Solo spotted the sliced body of Katarzyna lying on snow.

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