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Raptor Squad
Author Bob Rodgers
Co-author Mike Garret, Sam Garrett, Tony Garrett, Tracy Rodgers, Alex Chinn, John Edrington
Installment 3
Date of publication The following events take place 4 months after the battle of Hoth
Prequel What prequel? Oh ok GL made a Movie and millions loved it
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A’sok and Klux, after departing from the group, returned to Xanath 4, Klux’s home planet. However, the planet was not in the same state as Klux remembered it. Civil war had broken out across the planet, leaving countless dead and an atmosphere of panic and unrest . Most of the planets inhabitants had fled, and as the duo made their way through the starport, throngs of beings raced past them hoping to escape the war-savaged planet.

Klux, distressed with the situation, attempted to reach out with the Force and locate his former Jedi Master, Da’Jony. This proved a waste, as the young Jedi could pick up no trace of his master anywhere nearby. Informing A’sok of this, the two decided they should locate a guide to help them across the battle-scarred wasteland to where Da’Jony had once made his home.

Upon exiting the starport, the two noticed several people fleeing a small alley. Hearing blaster fire, Klux raced to investigate, with A’sok in tow. As they rounded the corner, a violent scene unfolded before them. Several armored men in black were roughly hoisting a beautiful young woman into a speeder. Nearby, several more black armored thugs were engaged in hand-to-hand combat with a large Coynite warrior. Bodies littered the street, several of which were Coynite as well. Upon seeing the melee, Klux brandished his Lightsaber and A’sok drew his blaster. The black armored thugs took notice of this, and regrouping, hopped into the speeder and fled the scene.

A’sok and Klux approached the wounded Coynite, and introduced themselves. The Coynite, Zal Araf Th’Trar, told the two that he was charged to protect the kidnapped Tapani princess. Local authorities showed up and Araf brandished his Coynite Mercenary Guild badge, instructing the local constable to inform him should they find any clues.

At this point A’sok suggested they retreat to a local restaurant for further discussion. Over a meal of Corellian Brandy and Stuffed Rodian Svaper (A delicacy that neither A’sok nor Klux touched) the two offered to help Araf find the princess. The coynite, shamed by his ability to protect his charge, accepted the help of his two new comrades

A’sok took to the streets, squeezing information from various sources and coming to realize this was more than just a standard kidnapping. The young princess was a member of a Tapani family who had certain sway over one of the local corporations. By kidnapping her, the corporation was sending a strong and threatening message to the Tapani house.

A’sok commed the information back to Klux and the Jedi informed Araf who insisted they go to the office building immediately in an attempt to get answers. Klux agreed and the two made their way to the office building. Brushing past the front desk receptionist, the two charged to the upper levels where they encountered a corrupt corporate "yes" man who admitted to the kidnapping.

Thugs soon flooded the hallway and battle ensued, with Klux brandishing his Lightsaber and cutting a path to freedom for he and the Araf.

A’sok, who had been following up on a lead, entered the building as mobs of people fled the carnage on the upper levels. The receptionist attempted to stop A’sok, who quickly drew his holdout blaster and promptly shot the man in the face.

The trio found themselves in the upper levels of the building facing down more armed baddies. Violence ensued with the princess being rescued…but just barely.

With his honor regained, Araf questioned Klux about the elegant weapon he had seen the Jedi wielding. When Araf learned that Klux was a self-proclaimed Jedi and that he did indeed exhibit some of the traits that Jedi were rumored to possess, Araf offered to aid in Klux’s search for the teacher from his childhood, Da’jony Vbrisk.

Meeting the scout on the roof of a nearby tavern, Klux questioned the price the man was charging to take the team into the deadly Xanath wilderness. The man smirked and told the team to watch the sky. Momentarily a starship battle erupted, with a freighter being blown into several pieces by a team of starfighters. "Thats why you need me to take you through the wilds," the man told them. The team, impressed with the scout's ability to know when and where to avoid trouble hired him, and they set off that next morning.

Several days passed, with the team being led further and further into the Xanath wilderness. Suddenly, while the group was preparing for another daylong trek, they were set upon by several “Danchaf”, a vicious tree dwelling creature indigenous to Xanath 4. The attack was bloody and claimed the life of their tour guide, along with mildly wounding A'sok. Amid the bodies and blood soaked ground Klux reached out with the Force and picked up the faintest hint of his teacher, somewhere in the distance.

After several more days of travel, the group came upon a ravaged settlement at he base of a mountain. The war had moved swiftly through the area, leaving little untouched. As the group made its way through the burned out homes and scorched streets towards the mountain, the air of doom hung heavy in the air.

Klux attempted to contact his mentor again, but with no avail. Using memories and instinct, he made his way up the mountain with A’sok and Araf in tow. Soon, they came to a cave entrance, with nothing but darkness beyond. Klux attempted to reach out with the Force, but felt nothing except the cool wind rushing from somewhere deep in the cave. Quietly making his way into the mouth of the cave, Klux was taken aback when he heard a low whistle.

Emerging from the darkness was Klux’s R2 droid he left on the planet, TwoEE. Overjoyed at finding a piece of his past still intact, Klux followed the droid deep into the cave where he came face to face with his former master, Da’Jony.

Immediately Da’Jony noticed the lightsaber that Klux had constructed from some rummaged parts and knew that Klux was not ready for the weapon of a true Jedi. Challenging Klux, Da’Jony quickly disarmed him and sliced through Klux’s Lightsaber, shattering it into hundreds of pieces. Da’Jony explained that there was more to being a Jedi than merely carting around a Lightsaber and dropping poetic whimsy on anyone who would listen. “I want to know what you have learned out in the galaxy,” he told Klux, "I want to know that your travels were not a wasted effort."

Days passed into weeks with Klux and Araf learning from the wizened Jedi master. Days began and ended with the duo learning the ways of the Force, not only for combat, but for spiritual growth as well. A’sok, not the least bit interested in that “Hocus Pocus” busied himself with crafting a new virus he planned on uploading into the next available computer terminal he came to. It would not only sink a few extra creds into his bank account, but would stick it to the Empire, which was always a good thing.

After several months of rigorous training, Klux awoke to find Da’jony and Araf gone. A note was left saying that Klux had learned all that Da’jony could teach him and that he was ready to begin his path to his destiny. Da’jony left components for Klux to construct a new Lightsaber along with TwoEE. Klux, focusing his newly acquired skill in the Force, cleared his mind and let it wander to the future, hoping for a glint of where his path should lead now. The image that floated in front of him was a cold desolate ball of ice drifting in space, along with the phantom-like whisper of the word “Garnib”.

Opening his eyes, Klux looked at his partner who sat nearby crouched over his Datapad.

“We need to get to Celanon,” he said standing.

Asok looked up. “Cool, I just need to make a pit stop at the local bank,” he said smirking.

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