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Flight to Greymore
Raptor Squad
Author Bob Rodgers
Co-author Mike Garret, Sam Garrett, Tony Garrett, Nick Saar, Tracy Rodgers, Alex Chinn,John Edrington
Installment 3
Date of publication The following events take place 2 months after the battle of Hoth
Prequel What prequel? Oh ok GL made a Movie and millions loved it
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Unbeknownst to the group and Imperial Captain by the name of Nock’nord had been shadowing them for some time and now he was closer than ever to the group. In addition to this threat, word reached the group that Croto the Crusher was tracking them down in an attempt to recover a handsome bounty that had been placed on their heads.

Against the advice of the entire group, Socatoa decided to return to Greymoor. Ket and Vic decided to go with Socatoa while Klux and A’sok disagreed so strongly that they went together to Klux’s home world, Xanath IV. So, with the team divided and pursuing various interests, they departed Valex 3. Socatoa informed the rest of the team that he had cut a juicy deal with an old female barkeep on Valex 3, guaranteeing her a load of Frostberry brandy upon his return from Greymoor.

En route to Greymoor, Socatoa clarified the plan for Ket and Vic. It seemed that Akelish held tight control of the distribution of frostberry brandy throughout the sector, but with a deal Socatoa had previously struck on Greymoor; he would make enough in profits from the sale of the brandy to further upgrade his ship. Ket and Vic felt it was foolish to return to Greymoor or Valex 3. They had nearly killed a Hutt crime lord and were toting a hefty bounty on their heads, laying low at this point seemed the most viable option.

Eventually the group set down on Greymoor. While Socatoa made his way to meet a man named Grable Juxtary, Vic and Ket made their way into a local casino to waste time. Socatoa eventually returned and was waiting for it to be loaded while Ket and Vic lingered in the casino’s lounge. Suddenly, Ket spotted two Nikto that he knew worked for Croto. The two bounty hunters, noticing the young gunslingers deadly gaze, made a call on a comlink and walked out of the lounge. Ket decided to trail them and raced from the lounge, leaving Vic behind at the bar. Maybe this was the day when he would have a showdown with Croto, Ket thought; vengeance racing through his newly installed implants.

While this was happening on the ground, Nock’nord was far above the planet planning his moves carefully. He had been pursuing the Wookiee for some time and knew what paths the escaped slave might take to avoid capture. Nock’nord had access to newly developed Gravitational Pulse Generator Satellites (GPGS).

Captain Nock’nord placed the satellites along suspected hyperspace routes and then he gave the order for operation Base Delta Zero to begin. TIE fighters were launched and the Reliant, Nock’nord’s star destroyer, the Solace, and the Inquest moved into position and began to bath the planet and the small village of Uniontown with turbolaser fire. Back on the ground, chaos ensued as laser blasts peppered the ground, leveling buildings and incinerating civilians by the dozens. Vic immediately headed for the Trinity, Socatoa’s Nova 3-Z freighter. Ket, still in pursuit of the Nikto, had to make a decision, get back to the ship or pursue the bounty hunters in his quest for revenge. So, with buildings erupting into molten flame and innocent people evaporating all around him, he pressed on in pursuit of the ultimate blaster fight.

As Ket made his way through the wooded area surrounding Uniontown, he spotted Croto, out in the open and more then vulnerable. Ignoring his training the gunslinger rushed to his adversary, visions of a blaster scorched Rodian body dancing in front of him. He had nearly reached his prey when the first stun net hit him. Wracked by energy pulses, Ket dropped to the ground as two more stun nets slammed into him. Fighting against the pain, Ket made a grab for his blasters but was kicked into submission by the henchmen now surrounding him. The last thing he saw before he slipped into unconsciousness was the smirking visage of Croto.

As Vic reached the ship, TIE fighters began strafing runs, gunning down civilians and destroying ships before they could lift off. Miraculously, the Wookiee was able to get the ship off the ground only to be immediately pursued by TIE’s. Socatoa pulled out all the flying stops to try and get away. When he programmed in one of his usual three hyperspace points, the navcomputer kicked out a gravitational interference. Panic quickly set in. The TIE’s were closing in and the Reliant, a dreadnaught class cruiser, was gaining. Figuring they had nothing to lose, Vic grabbed the ship’s comm and radioed for assistance from any nearby ship. The only response he got was from a freighter that that rushed past.

“We could use some help,” Vic shouted above the screaming sound of approaching TIE fighters.

“Sure well help you,” the voice replied, “If you give up the wookiee.”

Vic looked at Socatoa and switched off the comm., now expecting the worst.

Socatoa tried more maneuvering, but still no luck. Suddenly, a laser blast took out the Trinity’s maneuverability and the ship slowed to a crawl. Socatoa, seeing death as a far better option than capture, vowed to fight to the death. Vic, in a move even he couldn't explain, drew his blaster and fired at the Wookiee. Unfortunately, the ship had jolted and the blaster bolt slammed into the ship’s console, showering the two with sparks.

Vic’s plan of surrendering and living to fight another day failed and Socatoa, pushed to the brink of his nerves, lashed out and knocked Vic unconscious.

The ship rocked violently as a tractor beam locked onto it and was pulled helplessly towards the imposing shape of the Imperial Star Destroyer.

As Vic and Socatoa was drug from the Trinity they were brought to attention in front of the stern gaze of Nock’nord.

“I believe we have someone you know, “he said grinning to the two rebels. Ket was hauled into the bay and shoved in line with Vic and Socatoa. Croto followed and insisted that Ket and Vic be turned over to him. Nock’nord scoffed and told the bounty hunter that he would be compensated…and that he had one minute to leave the ship. Captain Nock’nord had Socatoa immediately returned to the Imperial Slave labor pool. He was never heard from again.

Ket and Vic were put on a shuttle bound for Rordak. As the two were stripped of their equipment their minds raced, how were they going to escape? There wasn’t far you could run in an imperial prison shuttle.

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