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The Valex 3 Warehouse Assault
Raptor Squad
Author Bob Rodgers
Co-author Mike Garret, Sam Garrett, Tony Garrett, Nick Saar, Tracy Rodgers, Alex Chinn
Installment 1
Date of publication The following events take place 2 months after the battle of Hoth
Prequel What prequel? Oh ok GL made a Movie and millions loved it
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It was a windy Day when Klux Martin left home; in the years to come he would face many challenges, make friends and enemies and save the galaxy. But like many heroes this story is not about one man it is about a team of heroes; that team will be known as Raptor Squad.

After joining Ket Adkins and Socatoa the Wookiee in several misguided attempts at playing hero the trio found themselves in deep on the bad side of Akelish the Hutt.

Our story picks up as Klux has been contacted to help find a missing rebel operative on Valex 3 and Socatoa the Wookiee secures a cargo to unload as cover. It was rumored that a Hutt by the name of Akelish had the rebel agent and was going to sell him to the highest bidder. In the course of their misadventures the group managed to acquire a load of stolen spice. Socatoa, never one to pass up a quick credit, hired a being by the name of A'sok Thurgood to act as a go between with Akelish to cement the sale of the spice. What no one knew was that Socatoa planned to double cross the Hutt, but Akelish wasn’t stupid, and had plans of her own.

The group arrived at a derelict warehouse on the outskirts of town where the exchange was to take place. When Akelish’s henchmen showed up, Socatoa made his move. The wookiee attacked, but the goons were expecting the double cross; a weequay stationed atop a waiting cargo skiff in the rear of the warehouse opened up with a heavy repeating blaster and began firing on the group. Chaos ensued with the group scrambling for cover. As blaster bolts ripped through the warehouse, A’sok, seeing the Weequay draw a bead on Klux, leapt to his aid, taking some damage but saving the life of the Jedi.

Outside, a newly hired outlaw to Akelish’s organization was a man by the name of Vic Palisades. His assignment was to wait near the rear entrance of the warehouse in a backup speeder. He didn’t care however; as he was just there for a quick credit and then it was back on the run. Hearing blaster fire erupt from the building, Vic kicked in the rear door and saw the ensuing battle. Opportunity opened itself up and he saw the crate full of credits sitting mere feet away on a repulsor sled.

That’s when the Hutts plan came to fruition. Akelish had tipped off the Imperials about the impending spice deal in hopes to eliminate any possible threat. As Vic entered firing, three squads of stormtroopers set off concussion blasts and entered, shooting anything that moved.

Immediately Socatoa and Klux took blaster bolts and went down hard, with the large Wookiee falling unconscious to the ground and the young Jedi falling in pain. Ket, full of adrenaline and rage, shot at anyone he didn’t recognize, killing three stormtroopers and bringing his blaster to bear on Vic, who had grabbed the controls of the credit-laden repulsorsled.

The two men stared each other down, with Vic proclaiming, “We can either get out of this together, or both die in this warehouse.” Ket nodded in agreement and the two men loaded the injured wookiee on top of the sled and maneuvered it towards the rear of the warehouse. Amid the chaos a small explosion erupted, with Creella, a female Rodian who was Jax’s second in command, making a grand and much needed entrance.

The team evacuated the warehouse while the remaining stormtroopers traded fire with the remainder of Akelish’s goons.

In the rush to escape, the spice was lost, blown to dust by the many blaster bolts that ripped through the crate, but the team did manage to recover the crate of hard creds the Hutt had sent along. When the group made to a small garage on the opposite side of town they regrouped, with the Jedi and wookiee getting much needed medical attention. Vic realized that the Hutt had set him up, sending along the credits in case the Imperials hadn’t shown up and the wookiee had been true to his word (or so Vic thought).

The team examined the crate, and Vic noted that it was booby-trapped. While the team rested, Vic and A'sok disarmed the crate, which revealed two million cred chips. Socatoa agreed to part with half, one million to Vic and one million to himself and the rest of the team. But the problem of the captured rebel informant was still in the air, and time was running out. Then Vic devised a plan.

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