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Boy's we got some clankers to dismantle
—Lt. Liru

Ranger Company was an elite guerrilla fighting unit, under the wing of the 522nd Legion. Most would just refer to they as spies. If you needed to assault a major city, this would be the company to talk to. It worked for the Galactic Republic, and later the Galactic Empire. The clone troopers in it had very similar marking to the 501st, but with navy blue and purple marking mixed in.



The Ranger Company was an idea of Captain Shrapnel, the leaders of the Company are the original survivors of the surprise attack on the transport ship. He thought they weren't making too many civilian casualties, so he devised an infiltration force that could possibly save hundred of unnecessary deaths.

Early Clone Wars

Ranger Company started out going for small targets, camps, towns, and small urban cities, on various planets. Normally within the same galaxy. They would infiltrate the town, disguising as multiple things, sometimes travels, maybe merchants, or mercenaries. Either way, they had one goal, librate the town. Whether it took a week, or years. They did it, and by doing this, they met people. That weren't supervisors. Not clones, they made themselves, themselves. They had emotional attachments more than any clone, so they were no longer talking only about clankers, they had actual conversations.

End of the War

Imperial Rule

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