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Story: Randon/Transcript

Randon is the first short story in the anthological episodic series Stories From The War written by user Stick. It was released on 30th December 2016 as an article on the wiki, simultaneously triggering the launch of the new series. The story takes place in mid 57 ABY, several standard months after the beginning of the Second Clone Wars.

A few months into the conflict, the Galactic Republic launched its ambitious Outer Rim campaign. The 27th Ground Corps of the Great Clone Forces was tasked with the capturing of the Marithmar system. Unfortunately, their fleet entered a massive asteroid field by accident which damaged their flagship, the Oblivion, causing it to crash land onto planet Randon. A platoon of clone troopers led by CC-1401 was dispatched in search of civilization. Upon discovering a small town nearby, the clones were attacked by its hostile residents and were then forced to reply with violence.







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